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— Togo
26 feb. — 5 mar.1
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1 adulto
sáb. 26/2
sáb. 5/3

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Mejor aerolínea con vuelos de Colorado a Togo

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
Brussels AirlinesValoración media basada en 2468 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "TODO"
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Ventajas: "TODO"
Desventajas: "Cabin crew were arrogant and didn’t allow us to storage our backpacks in the over head cabins."
Desventajas: "Not being able to choose my seat on a 500€ return flight is a joke."
Ventajas: "El viaje. El despegue y el aterrizaje ni se han sentido."
Desventajas: "La puntualidad."
Ventajas: "Flight attendants were nice"
Desventajas: "Food quality"
Desventajas: "Our tickets had been cancelled when we got to the airport. Had to purchase new ones. Now we have to fight to get reimbursed. Not happy"
Ventajas: "More space that on competitors."
Desventajas: "The crew was not particularly pleasant to deal with. Also, the seat kept reclining itself without me ever pressing the button. Had to constantly adjust it."
Ventajas: "That there were no group calls for boarding"
Desventajas: "My seat"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed. Connecting gate was on the other side of the airport. We were running from one side of the airport to another. They should have provided a shuttle service for all of those passengers."
Desventajas: "There is no entertainment which is ok. You had to pay for everything in flight. Their carry on luggage size allowance is smaller than any airline I’ve ever flown"
Ventajas: "Regular"
Desventajas: "No cancelar aviones"
Desventajas: "It was very cold they need to lower the temperature."
Ventajas: "Ningún problema. Todo correcto y agradable. Genial"
Ventajas: "The crew was very cool"
Desventajas: "The food was ok"
Desventajas: "Delayed. Crew seemed pretty annoyed to have people aboard. Will avoid next time."
Ventajas: "Comfort of the plane, service"
Desventajas: "No business lounge in CDG before 9am"
Ventajas: "Good schedules, good prices."
Desventajas: "They think that a five-hour flight is "intra-European" so they assign tiny little planes with bad seats and cramped rows. Unacceptable."
Ventajas: "At least it was a flight"
Desventajas: "Noisy, no complimentary snacks nor drinks, no legroom"
Ventajas: "So so"
Desventajas: "But connecting flight is just 30 minutes delayed schedule because of airline benefits. I have to run the gate and I can make it but I heard 2 passengers didn't. I didn't hear this situation. When I ask staffs how about connecting flight to Nice, staffs just told me your flight is ok."
Desventajas: "I was not aware of the requirements of the Schengen Agreement and my passport was expiring in a couple of months. I was not able to get on this flight even though my final destination did not have the passport restrictions of the Schengen Agreement. When I booked the flight, I was not made aware of these requirements before my flight."
Ventajas: "Everything worked out great. Shout out to the Washington Dulles airport for the quickest custom check of my life!"
Desventajas: "Once in Houston took 30minutes to the luggage to be delivered"
Desventajas: "I missed this flight due to my connecting flight being delayed for 3+ hours (not sure)."
Ventajas: "Una hora de retraso y todavía estoy dando vueltas en la pista de aterrizaje"
Desventajas: "no lo tomé porque me lo cambiaron"
Desventajas: "retrasaron mi vuelo, lo cambiaron por otro con una escala adicional y perdieron mi maleta"
Desventajas: "There was a long-ish and poorly organised layover in Luanda, which involved the flight crew individually identifying the carry-on luggage on the plane so as to ensure no one who had disembarked had left anything behind. This was literally done bin by bin by a crew member shouting down the aisle, "Who's is this brown bag? Who has a grey Longchamp!!!???" This is not something I have ever seen before and it took ages. The cabin also became very hot during the layover, which cause a 40 minute delayed arrival in Kinshasa."
Ventajas: "Crew was polite, but..."
Desventajas: "The flight attendants seemed unused to the idea that Orthodox Jews won't sit beside people of the opposite sex. This made boarding take longer than it needed to. The airline should figure out a way to streamline this process on flights to/from Tel Aviv."
Ventajas: "El trato del personal fue excelente"
Desventajas: "La útima fila del avión decorado con el diseño de Tomorowland no se reclina ni tiene ventanilla"
Desventajas: "Food was bad. Crew was distracted gossiping. They skipped rows during meal times as they were distracted. The seats are the most uncomfortable airline seats I've ever sat in."
Ventajas: "El personal no fue atento. El avión salió tcon una hora de retraso"
Desventajas: "El sistema de entrenamiento funciona mal"
Desventajas: "I was not allowed to get on board even though the plane was sitting at the airport still and it was the airlines delay that I made me late."
Ventajas: "The seats had more leg room that similar sized planes on other airlines."
Desventajas: "It is ridiculous that an airline does not include soft drinks and water free while on the plane. The flight was also delayed with no clarifying information from airline employees. The information board said boarding for 20 minutes before they unlocked the doors and started boarding."
Ventajas: "The crew was polite."
Desventajas: "Food was bad. Seats not very comfortable. Food was awful. Very few movies in English."
Desventajas: "Probably nothing to do with Brussels but the boarding out ot IAD was very unorganized."
Ventajas: "Un vuelo económico sin mayores expectativas. Aunque se estipulaba snack al hacer la reserva no se especifica que es de pago y no incluido como se interpreta."
Desventajas: "Es de pago y caro salvo en business y flex and go"
Ventajas: "Smooth flight Pleasant staff Smooth boarding process"
Desventajas: "Super late due to poor management of runway construction in Brussels No entertainment in the cabin"
Ventajas: "Mi única queja es el tamaño de los asientos. Por lo demás, todo de 10!!!"
Ventajas: "Personal amable y vuelo muy tranquilo"
Desventajas: "No hubo espacio para el equipaje de mano"
Ventajas: "Buena información de las conexiones"
Desventajas: "El vueli salio tarde, no me querian dejar subir mi equipaje de mano. Les daba igual que no pudiera organizarme con lo que llevaba dentro que era fragil"
Ventajas: "Todo normal"
Desventajas: "Todi el servicio era de pago"
Ventajas: "They were on time"
Desventajas: "TINIEST toilet EVER. Couldn't even turn around to wash my hands (and I am quite tiny myself) or look in the mirror...which for some reason is not well placed. Impossible to choose my seat, even after calling help service (3 times! and still had to discuss at the counter), just so that they change me already in the flight to accommodate a family. I do not mind, but they never mentioned that the seat could not recline or that there was no window (the whole point of choosing the seat, for I have flight anxiety). I understand the whole 'profit' thing for selling food, though I just can't believe, after the price I payed I cannot even get a tiny glass of water. So, I'll just avoid it if possible."
Ventajas: "Personnel is usually nice. The personnel at the counter was particularly helpful."
Desventajas: "Impossible to choose my seat, even after calling help service (3 times! and still had to discuss at the counter), just so that they change me already in the flight to accommodate a family. I do not mind, but they never mentioned that the seat could not recline or that there was no window (the whole point of choosing the seat, for I have flight anxiety). I understand the whole 'profit' thing for selling food, though I just can't believe, after the price I payed I cannot even get a tiny glass of water. So, I'll just avoid it if possible."
Ventajas: "The flight attendants were kind and tried their best"
Desventajas: "I ordered my special meal 3 times and never got an email confirmation. Because my previous connecting flight with Brussels Airlines was delayed, I didn't have a chance to get something to eat in the airport just in case. As I suspected my Vegan meal was not there. I had to wait until Business class ate to see if they had any leftovers."
Ventajas: "The service was very very professional"
Desventajas: "When I got to the airport my airline informed me that it was a standby ticket, which it never told me when booking and I can't believe it wa a standby ticket because it wasn't cheap."
Ventajas: "good service clean"
Desventajas: "waiting a long time for luggage"
Ventajas: "Good crew."
Desventajas: "3 hour flight to Athens would have been much better if they at least offered water at no charge!"
Ventajas: "A really great crew! Food was good."
Desventajas: "The seats are horrible, the most uncomfortable ever."
Desventajas: "Brusels airlines left and arrived with 40 min delay for a flight that should be only 1:50 hour"
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Medidas de seguridad para las aerolíneas que vuelan de Colorado a Togo

Las aerolíneas que vuelan de Colorado a Togo han tomado medidas de seguridad adicionales y ajustado sus políticas para atender mejor a los viajeros. Las políticas varían según la aerolínea.

Aumento de las medidas de higiene

Limpieza diaria, instalación de filtros HEPA en cabina en vuelos de Colorado a Togo

Mascarilla obligatoria

Mascarillas obligatorias y provistas en vuelos de Colorado a Togo

Asientos que respetan las normas de distanciamiento social

Los asientos del medio no se pueden reservar en vuelos de Colorado a Togo

Prueba antes del vuelo

Prueba de anticuerpos, prueba de síntomas en vuelos de Colorado a Togo

Cancelaciones flexibles

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