Encuentra vuelos baratos desde Da Nang a Boston


Encuentra vuelos baratos desde Da Nang a Boston

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Ida y vuelta
Da Nang (DAD)
Boston Logan
dom. 20/6
dom. 27/6
Fecha indefinida
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Temporada baja

noviembreMejor época para evitar las aglomeraciones con una media del 20% de bajada en el precio.

Temporada alta

septiembreÉpoca más popular para viajar con una media del 26% de aumento en el precio.

Precio promedio de ida y vuelta

$1.364(precio promedio en los últimos 2 meses)

Buena oferta ida y vuelta

$1.289o menos

Buena oferta solo ida

$666o menos

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  • ¿Buscas un vuelo barato? Un 25 % de nuestros usuarios encontró vuelos de ida para esta ruta por $666 o menos, y vuelos de ida y vuelta por $666 o menos.
  • Se considera temporada alta durante agosto, septiembre y octubre. El mes más barato para volar es noviembre.

Preguntas frecuentes para la ruta desde Da Nang a Boston

¿Cuánto tiempo dura un vuelo desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Cuáles aerolíneas ofrecen los vuelos más baratos desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Qué aeropuertos utilizaré en la ruta desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Cómo es que KAYAK encuentra precios tan bajos para vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Cómo me ayuda la herramienta de predicción de precios de KAYAK a elegir el momento adecuado para comprar mi boleto de avión desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Qué es la opción KAYAK Mix para los vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston?

¿Qué es la función "fechas flexibles" de KAYAK y por qué deberías prestarle atención cuando buscas un vuelo desde Da Nang a Boston?

Principal aerolínea que vuela de Da Nang a Boston Logan

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK

Asiana Airlines
Valoración media basada en 4.286 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea

Desventajas: "Connecting flight in Incheon Airport delayed again, 4th consecutive time this has happened on this particular flight. I think this is done intentionally so airline can combine it with the next flight that departs 50 minutes later based on amount of bookings on each flight."

Ventajas: "Todo a las cansadas .Todo regular. Y call center pesimo"
Desventajas: "Todo lo resuelven en el call centre Y ellos (calle center) no resuelve. 15 minutos esperando 4 personas trasladaron la llamada y no le resolvieron mi problema"

Ventajas: "I got upgraded to business seat on the way from danang to seoul:)"
Desventajas: "Food was not that good"

Ventajas: "I like the assistant on my wheelchair, they take good care of me."
Desventajas: "All good"

Ventajas: "The crew was great, food was great and the seats wider and comfortable !"

Ventajas: "By far the best airline, service, crew, etc, I’ve ever flown with! I love Asiana Airlines!"
Desventajas: "Seriously, nothing. It was great!"

Ventajas: "The seats are wide. Lots of legroom."
Desventajas: "The take-off and landing could have been better."

Desventajas: "Avión incómodo, poco espacio para las piernas, sucio. Control no servía, películas malas. Tiempos de comidas mal distribuidas en el tiempo: muy al principio y muy al final"

Desventajas: "Food"

Ventajas: "Aircraft"
Desventajas: "Too cold"

Ventajas: "The food service, how nice the aircrew is."
Desventajas: "N/A"

Ventajas: "Just the fare."
Desventajas: "Checking in is very slow. Our family was scattered. Was told that we are sitting next to each other but the truth is we are not. No explanations given."

Ventajas: "The crew was ok."
Desventajas: "Luggage pick up was very slow. Random inspection at Incheon is not so random at all. 90% minority."

Desventajas: "Flight was delayed by 10 hours less with less than 24 hours notice. Had to call Asiana to change flight to a 1 stop flight (original flight was nonstop). Flight to Seoul from New York was also delayed by 8 hours and I ended up having to spend ~$70 for hotel/taxi due to arriving in Seoul past midnight. Horrible experience both there and back and don't think I would ever take Asiana again."

Desventajas: "That made me stay overnight in Korea."

Ventajas: "Good flight crew. Good food."
Desventajas: "No power outlet for electronics"

Ventajas: "It's hard to get comfortable on a long flight when you are on economy. But the crew was helpful."
Desventajas: "I did not like the limited choice of food."

Ventajas: "The service crew was outstanding!"

Ventajas: "The staff are very polite and patient. The food service was on time and the food is well-balanced."
Desventajas: "One of the wash basins in the rest room was not functioning and was nit fixed. It was very inconvenient if you need to wash."

Ventajas: "Flights on time , good seats and a good services"

Ventajas: "The Food was great! Asiana Airlines Economy Seats have more leg room than most airlines. Service was Excellent."
Desventajas: "We had just purchased coffee and the boarding agent told us that their policy was that we were not permitted to take hot coffee onto the aircraft. My guess is it had to do with safety. I've never been told this on any of the hundreds of flight i've been on traveling the world. It must be a South Korea thing."

Ventajas: "Everything! From the comfortable pods in business class to the excellent wines and food, it was more like 1st class.!"
Desventajas: "Nothing!"

Ventajas: "Comfort, crew, and entertainment were excellent for economy class. Good leg space considering Asian carrier."
Desventajas: "Food rivaled that of low cost carriers."

Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "All"

Ventajas: "The crew were friendly."
Desventajas: "I felt very cramped. The selection of movies wasn't great"

Ventajas: "Asiana es lo mejor"

Ventajas: "Everything"
Desventajas: "No charger outlet"

Ventajas: "Crew was nice."
Desventajas: "Seats not comfortable & smelled like vomit. Small selection on entertainment system."

Ventajas: "I like how I asked for an aisle seat and it was given to me without hesitation."
Desventajas: "No complaints."

Ventajas: "The Korean dinners were fine. Good last minute exit window seat"
Desventajas: "There should have been more snacks during the flight for the passengers to nosh. Cathay Pacific would have trays of goodies for people to take and the attendants would bring cup noodles and water upon request. The mid flight pizza sliver was a joke. The movie choices were limited."

Ventajas: "Provision of on flight slippers, sleeping pillow and blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste Comfortable and easy boarding and check in"
Desventajas: "More varieties and kinds of meals and food should be provided such as muslim halal food Minimize transit waiting time Increase checked in baggage limit if possible"

Ventajas: "Really nice staff; somewhat hard to understand their English."
Desventajas: "Seats were not real comfortable. Korean food selections were good but the American selections, not so good."

Ventajas: "I am on the plus size and I always have a hard time choosing an airline that would be comfortable for my size. Its was my first time to fly with Asiana and I was so impressed with how generous their seat space is."
Desventajas: "Food is not the great"

Desventajas: "Time delay"

Ventajas: "Great food and service."
Desventajas: "Nothing"

Ventajas: "La puntualidad y profesionalidad"

Ventajas: "La atención"
Desventajas: "La comida, algo grasosa."

Desventajas: "This previous was delayed because they sold their empty seats to other airlines and allowed for those people to make it. However, those who had connecting flights weren't able to make it and had to stay overnight in Korea. The next flight arrived 14 hours after the original scheduled flight."

Ventajas: "Halal food like fish or fried rice with egg would be a better options"
Desventajas: "Rice porridge"

Ventajas: "I liked the airbus used to fly from and to the USA. On a 15 hour flight comfort is key, and they did their best. The have build little foot pedals to rest your feet on. Meals also came often, and the food was on the better end of airplane food. Crew was also very friendly!"

Ventajas: "Crew was friendly from start to finish."

Ventajas: "very good, arriving and departing on time"

Ventajas: "Comfortable flight"

Ventajas: "They kept changing the flight schedule on the spot and kept us waiting at the airport. Some of the flight attendant s of asiana airlines were rude."

Ventajas: "Flight is on time. Crew were great and love that they offer free tour when you have long lay over."

Ventajas: "Quick boarding, on time, nice crew, clean plane"
Desventajas: "After 20 days of returning..movies option hadn't chnged."

Ventajas: "Everything was great, to be honest. If this was 3, 4 years ago, I'd have given it 5 stars across the board without hesitation."
Desventajas: "No wifi on the flights means I'm limited to working offline and Asiana's IFE system, which was amazing but had limited selection."

Ventajas: "The staff were excellent and very kind and attentive."
Desventajas: "In flight headphones were way too big"

Ventajas: "The flight was only 4-1/2 hours long. Flight from Incheon to Seattle was 10-1/2 hours long. Time for Asiana to update their fleet. I would not fly them again if given the choice because their planes are showing their age."
Desventajas: "Didn't like the age of the aircraft. Outdated entertainment system for length of flight"

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Medidas de seguridad para las aerolíneas que vuelan desde Da Nang a Boston

Las aerolíneas que vuelan desde Da Nang a Boston han tomado medidas de seguridad adicionales y ajustado sus políticas para atender mejor a los viajeros. Las políticas varían según la aerolínea.

Aumento de las medidas de higiene

Limpieza diaria, instalación de filtros HEPA en cabina en vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston

Mascarilla obligatoria

Mascarillas obligatorias y provistas en vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston

Asientos que respetan las normas de distanciamiento social

Los asientos del medio no se pueden reservar en vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston

Prueba antes del vuelo

Prueba de anticuerpos, prueba de síntomas en vuelos desde Da Nang a Boston

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