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  • ¿Estás buscando vuelos baratos a Perm? Un 25% de nuestros usuarios encontró boletos a Perm por estos precios o menos: Solo ida a Los Ángeles por $829 - Ida y vuelta por $1.158, $1.175 por un viaje de ida y vuelta desde desde Chicago
  • enero, febrero y diciembre se consideran temporada alta. enero es el mes más barato para volar a Perm.
  • Escribe el aeropuerto de salida y las fechas del viaje en el formulario de búsqueda para ver las últimas ofertas de vuelos Perm.

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Principal aerolínea que vuela a Perm

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
AeroflotValoración media basada en 8691 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "Tripulación muy profesional"
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Ventajas: "Tripulación muy profesional"
Ventajas: "Good service"
Desventajas: "The flight was 4 hours delayed!!!"
Ventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "Great gifts for children! However, there was no food for kids - apparently, I was supposed to request it in advance. This is something new, and I wish we were notified as soon as we purchased the ticket. We flew to Moscow in Sept. 2018 as well, and child's meal was provided without special requests."
Desventajas: "When I bought the ticket, it looked like 2 seats near the window or wall, but in reality there were 3 seats in the middle. The flight was comfortable but not what I expected. If I knew those were 3-people seats, I would've picked something closer to the front of the plane."
Ventajas: "My 18 year old son was the one who traveled and it was his first time on this airline - he was very satisfied with the trip."
Ventajas: "Food"
Desventajas: "Cleaning"
Ventajas: "Aeroflot was bad airline I will not fly with them again"
Desventajas: "Aeroflot was bad airline I will not fly with them again"
Desventajas: "Terrible, absolutely horrible customer service. My wife should stay in Moscow due to the transfer delay with her flight. Now nobody from Aeroflot is helping her and 2 kids to find a alternate way to flight to Minsk"
Desventajas: "Mi equipaje no llegó con mi vuelo , estoy esperando en el siguiente vuelo a ver si aparece ."
Desventajas: "Asíentos sumamente incómodos"
Desventajas: "US bought carry on case been requested to be checked as a second baggage piece for $100 fee. And then both opened lost and not reached destination."
Ventajas: "The aircraft was not too bad. Little things like slippers and pillows made it comfy."
Desventajas: "The service was horrible. From the moment we checked in at JFK we had a problem. The crew was nasty and they called the port authority police on us. The police agreed that they get lots of complaints from this airline. The crew on board was just as nasty. If you spoke russian you got treated better."
Ventajas: "Cabin staff sometimes curt and unfriendly."
Desventajas: "Public announcements garbled and hard to understand."
Ventajas: "La tripulación buena y el servicio de recibir las maletas rápido y eficiente. Lo que no me gustó fue el viaje de Moscú a Tel Aviv , TUVO EL VUELO UN RETRAZO de 5 horas y no había con quien hAb"
Ventajas: "La tripulación muy amable aunque iban desbordados"
Desventajas: "La comida es poca, la postre horrible, el vuelo salió con 2,30 de retraso mi vuelo de confección me lo re programaron para 6 hs más tarde y volando más de 8 hs nos dieron una sola comida y escasa! Ni rastros de algún servicio de compensación x las demoras. Muy mejorable!"
Ventajas: "La atención de tripulantes y cabina muy buena. No así del personal que vende como el de post venta. Pierden maletas y no dan información"
Desventajas: "Todo"
Ventajas: "Food on Aeroflot is good these days and the flight staff is very competent."
Desventajas: "Check-in staff on this given day was not at all sympathetic."
Ventajas: "Avión comodo"
Ventajas: "Food isnt good at all. I have traveled many times with different airlines and none bad as this"
Desventajas: "The air plan that took us from russia to istanbul was a small and tight airplan no tv food also isnt good. I got stuck in the airport for one hour to knw which terminal should i go cuz they told us we will take onther gate. No one there take line everyone is jumping to the front of the line and workers dont tell them to take a line. I will never ever do this again"
Ventajas: "Buen día Mi maleta no llegado"
Desventajas: "Que mi maleta no ha llegado ha llegado y ha retrasando todas mis vacaciones"
Ventajas: "Good service at check-in"
Desventajas: "One missed luggage"
Ventajas: "Su cumplimiento"
Ventajas: "Nada"
Desventajas: "Me dieron por cancelados los lugares y me notificaron que aparecían como reembolsados!!! Un verdadero caos y además tuve que hacer un pago extra de boletos en otro vuelo para poder llegar a mi destino"
Ventajas: "La cantidad y calidad de la comida"
Ventajas: "Avión moderno"
Desventajas: "Nada de entretenimiento a bordo"
Ventajas: "-Fast once we got to ticket counter"
Desventajas: "-Lines were packed before flight and counter was understaffed -Aeroflot did not accept printed boarding pass. You HAD to go through line, even if you had no luggage to check. -flight took off 1.5 hours late"
Desventajas: "I use Kayak for almost all my ticket bookings and never in a million years would have thought that booking would ever go wrong! What I have experienced yesterday was a true night mare of my life! When booking a ticket through your app in the list of travelers my mom and me have the same last name and almost the same name. When putting in MY information it auto selected my mom. Because the difference is only one letter in the first name I didn’t catch it and processed my purchase 5/17/2018. There was no “Check your name, check your birthday” page, just simply took me to confirmation page and that’s it. Yesterday was the day for my departure, when about to board my plane at the very check in I handed my passport and heard the worst news ever: booking was done under a wrong name! I couldn’t believe it. No one would help me, I couldn’t get in touch with Kayak, I couldn’t get a hold of a third party company either, I called Moscow and stayed on the phone with them for 2 hours trying to prove that it’s me flying and not my mom. Money was taken out from my account, my email is attached to this purchase, my bank account proof was also not enough. I wasted over $900, didn’t make my flight and worst of all I know that should there been a “confirm your name and birthday page” on kayak app none of this would have ever happened! I was crying my eyes out, the lady at the check in was yelling at me like I am a lier, I was begging them to honor my ticket but they couldn’t do nothing because of your mistake people! I had to travel back home to NJ (from jfk to my house its a 2 hour travel), I booked another ticket not through your website anymore but through your competitor, I had to pay premium since it’s last minute $1300!!!! I am so disappointed there are no words. I almost fainted yesterday from the anxiety! Never again!"
Ventajas: "OK entertainment systems, professional crew"
Desventajas: "Next flight I'm gonna pay extra for extra leg room, felt like a tuna fish in a fish can"
Desventajas: "Me gustaria tener el sistema interactivo en mi idioma"
Ventajas: "Enroute to russia i had an upset stomach . The entire back poetion of the plane was empty so ppl were lying across seats etc. I was seated next to an older lady so i didnt want to keep asking her to move... so i decided to stay near the bathrooms . I sat in an empty seat the flight attendant saw me and said you have to pay for that seat ypu cant sit here" i tried to explain to her but she walked off so i got up ... and was standing around until another flight attendant asked me if i was ok so i asked her whete could i sit near the toilets and she told me where i was standing was ok to sit. Now my issue is not about the seat i understand if its a specail seat but atleaat offer an altetnative"
Desventajas: "The rude flight attendant"
Desventajas: "Había pagado 100 dólares por exceso de equipaje. Al llegar a Madrid una de nuestras maletas resulto extraviada. Al pedir su recuperación nos informaron que el extravío se debió a que habían embarcado en nuestro vuelo 70 maletas de un vuelo anterior y de resultas se habían quedado 37 en Moscú porque no quedaba espacio en nuestro avión. Una mala gestión que garantiza decenas de extravíos indebidos."
Ventajas: "La ayuda en la facturación en Seúl muy buena"
Desventajas: "El sonido del sistema de entretenimiento hizo imposible ver nada"
Desventajas: "Lost my luggage."
Desventajas: "My trip was delay more than two hours"
Ventajas: "Normally take the same flight path once every few years. Always look forward to the excellent food and pleasantness of the flight crew."
Ventajas: "Food. Staff"
Desventajas: "None"
Ventajas: "smooth and stress free. Loved the view of our approach and landing on tv"
Desventajas: "Airbus planes are slower but that's OK. entertainment system was sluggish, but I had my own devices, so I did not care."
Ventajas: "El vuelo a salió tarde"
Desventajas: "La comida no era buena"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "The worst flight ever."
Ventajas: "a la hora y llegamos antes de lo estipulado el 737-800 esta nuevito y fue comodo el viaje"
Ventajas: "Crew was good"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed, estimates takeoff and boarding times were off actual times, no advertised meals to purchase on board."
Ventajas: "The prices for international flights through JFK on Aeroflot are incredible! The planes are pretty comfortable, and the flight staff is friendly and helpful."
Desventajas: "The check-in process is always crazy slow, resulting in major back-ups around the check in desk. Even if you check in online, you still have to wait in the same check in line to drop off your luggage. The boarding process is typically also a bit crowded and slow."
Ventajas: "The first flight had a good crew, plenty of leg room and lots of entertainment"
Desventajas: "Seats are too narrow"
Ventajas: "Food and entertainment were great. Comfort was ok. Service was ok"
Desventajas: "Boarding was a nightmare."
Ventajas: "Courtesy of the crew, comfort level of the jet, entertainment and overall experience of the flight."
Desventajas: "Delays upon departure and long lines in customs in both Moscow and JFK"
Ventajas: "Every attendant was very kind and willing to help with my lack of Russian language skills"
Desventajas: "Line for check-in was extremely long at JFK (New York) which it seems caused boarding to be late. It's good that I had time to catch my connection in Moscow."
Ventajas: "Big, clean and good maintained plane. The process of check in and boarding was smooth and efficient."
Desventajas: "The entertainment system didn't work at all on the way there (for the all plane) and on the way back it didn't work on my seat (even after a few reboots...). For unknown reason, on one meal, the only option was fish ?!?"
Ventajas: "The crew was extremely efficient."
Desventajas: "However, the customer service could have been a bit better especially when it comes to speaking English. There were a few times where I just felt I was a bother because I'm not sure how well they understood me."
Desventajas: "The bread... my GOD, who can eat this??"
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Medidas de seguridad para las aerolíneas que vuelan a Perm

Las aerolíneas que vuelan a Perm han tomado medidas de seguridad adicionales y ajustado sus políticas para atender mejor a los viajeros. Las políticas varían según la aerolínea.

Aumento de las medidas de higiene

Limpieza diaria, instalación de filtros HEPA en cabina en vuelos a Perm

Mascarilla obligatoria

Mascarillas obligatorias y provistas en vuelos a Perm

Asientos que respetan las normas de distanciamiento social

Los asientos del medio no se pueden reservar en vuelos a Perm

Prueba antes del vuelo

Prueba de anticuerpos, prueba de síntomas en vuelos a Perm

Cancelaciones flexibles

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