Encuentra vuelos baratos de Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang


Encuentra vuelos baratos de Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang

Ida y vuelta
Nueva York (JFK)
Lianyungang Baitabu
mar. 19/1
mar. 26/1
Fecha indefinida
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Preguntas frecuentes para la ruta Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK - Lianyungang

¿Cuánto tiempo dura un vuelo de Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang?

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¿Cómo es que KAYAK encuentra precios tan bajos para vuelos desde Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang?

¿Cómo me ayuda la herramienta de predicción de precios de KAYAK a elegir el momento adecuado para comprar mi boleto de avión desde Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang?

¿Qués es la opción KAYAK Mix para los vuelos desde Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang?

¿Qué es la función "fechas flexibles" de KAYAK y por qué deberías prestarle atención cuando buscas un vuelo desde Aeropuerto de Nueva York-JFK a Lianyungang?

Principal aerolínea que vuela de J. F. Kennedy de Nueva York a Lianyungang Baitabu

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK

Air China
Valoración media basada en 5.753 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea

Ventajas: "Todo."
Desventajas: "Nada"

Ventajas: "Nada confortable la gente encima de ti"
Desventajas: "La comida y el entretenimiento"

Ventajas: "Nada"
Desventajas: "Todo"

Ventajas: "Very helpful, accommodating and attentive crew. Comfortable seat and pillow. best flight Ive had in a while"
Desventajas: "snack between meals could be offered"

Desventajas: "Horrible experience of sitting on the tarmac for more than four hours with no air conditioning in New York on a 95 degree day. I thought I would die. There seemed to be no concern among the crew for our extreme discomfort."

Ventajas: "nothing"
Desventajas: "the food was awful! flight the crew was blatant and not very friendly. they need to learn how to serve customer. i've been traveling with many airlines but Air China is the worst ever!"

Ventajas: "Nothing. Very small seats. 4 seats and 3 spaces for feet. Cannot put our carryon (small) under seat. Very hot."
Desventajas: "Nothing. Very small seats. 4 seats and 3 spaces for feet. Cannot put our carryon (small) under seat. Very hot."

Ventajas: "Flawless flight, comfortable seating for me."
Desventajas: "Food mediocre at best. Air China serves beef or fish. If you don't eat either, request vegetarian. Food not as good as other airlines."

Ventajas: "Check in rápido, asientos cómodos, control de equipaje"
Desventajas: "Comida avión"

Ventajas: "Muy buenos los asientos de exit!!!!!!"

Ventajas: "I made a pleasant flight with the kindness of the flight attendant."
Desventajas: "I made a pleasant flight with the kindness of the flight attendant. However, I missed the connecting flight because the plane was late, and there are so many things that I regret as bleow,1. There was not enough help from the ground. 2. The plane didn't wait for a minute. 3.Unfriendly transfer cou"

Ventajas: "Crew was great again."
Desventajas: "I had 0 options for entertainment on the flight from NYC to Beijing. No Wi-fy and the TVs in my section of seats didn't work."

Ventajas: "It was an "average" flight"
Desventajas: "Food sent me and others to the bathroom---not good"

Ventajas: "No me gustó nada al contrario no hablan ni el idioma inglés ni español"
Desventajas: "Me intoxique con la comida y vomite y estuve dentro del avión vomitando como 25 mnts y me fui a mi asiento y me sentí mareada de tanto vomitar y trajeron una doctora y me hizo preguntas de 3 meses si tuve algo oh alérgica a un medicamento y le dije que have 7 meses sólo había tenido un ataque al corazón que no tiene que ver con la intoxicación de la comida y dijeron que no pero no tenia nada solo el malestar u decidieron bajarme en otra Ciudad Alaska sin consultar primero y no me sentía grabe solo mareada de la fuerza del vomito y de ahí me mandaron para Ciaro luego los Ángeles y de ahí para China cantón y ahora me toca regresarme y no me dejan subir al avión si no traigo un certificado médico estoy en.China yo no conozco ningún hospital y no tengo médico de cabecera viajo al año 15 veces puedo mandar fotos de mi pasaporte y nunca me a pasado esto con la comida y menos de tirarme en otra ciudad ahora no puedo regresar a mi País de Recidemcia USA por que no quieren que suba entonces que hago aquí comprar otro ticket por que"

Ventajas: "La puntualidad y atención en la aerolínea es muy buena. Tienen variedad de películas y series. La comida es buena. Todos los asientos tienen una pequeña almohada y cobija para ir más cómodos."
Desventajas: "El espacio entres asientos para un viaje largo no es tan cómoda pero siempre existe la opción de comprar VIP"

Ventajas: "Cabin crew were kind us but service details are poor very much."
Desventajas: "We were very bored during fight from JFK to PEK."

Ventajas: "Todo en hora, y sin problemas"
Desventajas: "Como cosa no tan positiva, al llegar de mañana a aeropuerto siguen dando comida en lugar de un buen desayuno"

Ventajas: "New York to Beijing plane was new."
Desventajas: "Not have salt pepper tooth pick.Halfway of plane juice finish. In this long flight no have snacks"

Desventajas: "Big delay in PEK"

Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Late No wifi internet said there was Late Had to run through airport to catch connection Bags didnt arrive Now have to wear sweaty clothes (after running for a day or two) Food sucked"

Desventajas: "The food is not so tasty."

Desventajas: "They added 10 hours to my scheduled layover and would not give me lounge access for the inconvenience."

Ventajas: "On board crew service is better than US airline"
Desventajas: "Ground service (in it's JFK airport desks) of Air China were unsatisfied. It has not been improved for more than ten years."

Desventajas: "Waiting to book seats till arriving at airport because it was 3 party booking. Didn’t want to pay more to pick seats because that’s why we booked with you to save money. Was on a 15hr flight not with my husband. Did not start out vacation out on the foot."

Desventajas: "Plain delayed and connection missed. Should not sell tickets with short overlays."

Ventajas: "Everything. I love Air China. Great service. Delicious Noodles."

Desventajas: "The plane was so cold that by the end people were wearing their parkas. I started the flight healthy and ended it with a hacking cough that turned into a full blown cold. The not very good food was also not warm."

Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Can you believe only two meals for 14hours trip ??"

Desventajas: "seat is really tiny! food was bad. only few movies available."

Ventajas: "nothing"
Desventajas: "very irresponsible! & no English"

Desventajas: "Nobody was even at the counter? Only a sign saying the flight was cancelled. Worst experience at the airport I've ever had."

Ventajas: "The whole experience was unsatisfactory"
Desventajas: "They were changing my seat around. They lost my luggage. Still not found yet and has all the Christmas gifts I was bringing to my girl friend and her family. My clothes and medicines as well."

Desventajas: "No vegetarian option, crew spoke little to no English, board was a mess, delayed an hour on tarmac after boarding late, only 4 agents at JFK to check in several hundred people."

Ventajas: "We got to move to the front of economy which gave us more legroom which we needed."
Desventajas: "They changed planes on us and we lost our upgraded “premium economy” seats."

Ventajas: "Some of my friends had bad experience with Air. China. I was a bit worry about delays and lost luggages. It came out to be quite good. It was only delayed by half an hour and I was able to retrieve all my luggages. The food is also quite good."
Desventajas: "For the long flight, I was not able to use the touch screen for any entertainment. I think it was broken. The seat is not as comfortable as I thought. They need to upgrade the entertainment touch screen and seat cushions."

Ventajas: "The crew was pleasant and helpful, meals were adequate with drinks and snacks available between meals."
Desventajas: "The interior of the plane could use a facelift, the seats were well worn and stained. The movie selection was limited with more than half the choices in Chinese with subtitles too small to read on the tiny seat back screen. Also the headphone jack did not fit properly so I had to constantly hold it in place. Bathrooms were not well maintained."

Desventajas: "My complaint is against FlightNetwork.com AND Air China for failing to respect the agreement made when my ticket was purchased and the money had been withdrawn. I would like Kayak to be cautious about working with flightnetwork.com because they took my money but did not honor my ticket or register it with Air China. While waiting to speak with an agent at flightnetwork.com, the Air China manager told me he had plans and would not wait for me to help solve the issue. I was left alone at the counter and forced to buy an entirely new ticket from a different carrier last minute. I do not recommend using Air China from NY JFK or the flightnework.com service connected to Kayak."

Ventajas: "Great flight and entertainment throughout."
Desventajas: "Everything w this flight was satisfactory. No negatives to mention."

Ventajas: "Crew efficient"
Desventajas: "No entertainment, console broken. Ran out of menu item of choice, but alternative was easily digestible."

Ventajas: "Offered an emergency exit seat to make me comfortable. Great crew very polite and helpful Great pilot great landing"
Desventajas: "14 hour flights are rough on anyone but they made it bareable"

Ventajas: "Service was nice and quick. Plane wasn’t too crowded."
Desventajas: "It was abnormally cold on the plane, which made relaxing difficult."

Ventajas: "Flight was delayed, check in was not as orderly... but customer service to accommodate re booking on connection flight was great. Overall the airline is great in being accommodating."
Desventajas: "Chinese passengers needs more training in travel etiquette and listening to crew members. As a fellow chinese myself, it is really sad to witness the uncouth behavior of chinese travelers."

Ventajas: "Easy boarding, roomy seats, good price for business class."
Desventajas: "Bad choice of movies, sub-par food, small bathrooms."

Ventajas: "It was nice."
Desventajas: "Delayed a little bit."

Ventajas: "Nothing!"
Desventajas: "I was already on the airport and about to check in early, so they didn't let me check in because I forgot to put my middle name on reservation. I tried to call kayak and nobody is answering, I also called priceline and they couldn't do anything. They said I have to cancel everything then rebook a new one. So I ended up paying $1300!!! for a new flight and in addition to that I have a penalty of $200!!! For my original flight cost of only $600. And my companion who has the same flight as me didn't take her flight because the agent in Air china said that we could rebook her flight without charge and for the same price. So we ended up paying $1300 for her as well plus again the $200 penalty. So we lost $3000 for just the 2 of us!! I will never fly air china again! Worst day ever!"

Ventajas: "Service is pretty good but the food not"

Desventajas: "We were delayed in the plane on the ground for seven hours. I missed my connecting flight by five hours. Worst flying experience I have ever had."

Ventajas: "Overall ok. Plane was an older model."
Desventajas: "No wifi for long trips. Very important to me."

Desventajas: "The seats were very close together so when the person in front of you reclined back, it was very uncomfortable."

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