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  • ¿Buscas vuelos baratos? El 25% de nuestros usuarios encontró vuelos de ida y vuelta para esta ruta por $564 o menos.

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Scandinavian AirlinesValoración media basada en 5296 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea

Mi luggage is lost

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Mi luggage is lost

Todo excelente y servicio de primera.

Distancia entre pasajeros muy buena con asientos libres entre cada dos. El entretenimiento a bordo nulo. Accesos wifi pero de pago. Toda la comida de pago.

Ventajas: "Lo que me gustó que ma tripulación abrió la puerta trasera para que bajaremos xq estaba muy lleno"
Ventajas: "Vuelo cómodo. Espacio entre sillas suficiente se agradece"
Desventajas: "El premio del tíquets alto."
Ventajas: "crew was pleasant"
Desventajas: "boarding was chaotic"
Ventajas: "Very enjoyable great staff,"
Desventajas: "Lower prices"
Ventajas: "comfortable plane"
Desventajas: "small pastry with coffee"
Desventajas: "The plan was old and dirty, old magazines and gum wrappers in my seat, stained carpet.The ride was quite bumpy."
Desventajas: "Noise in aircraft. Transit time between flights was too short."
Ventajas: "Crew pleasant, operations efficient."
Desventajas: "Main course - chicken and potatoes with tomato sauce- was not very interesting, or very Scandinavian."
Ventajas: "The staff were ok"
Desventajas: "It’s the first time i try these low cost airlines, which sometimes they are not that cheap compared to others, no entertainment whatsoever, i wasn’t allowed for any check in luggage and the prices for ever peace was literally expensive ticket price was not that competitive"
Desventajas: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Ventajas: "plane is clean & seats are comfy"
Ventajas: "Great flight = short so food was not expected"
Desventajas: "all goood"
Ventajas: "With tablets for the entertainment system – – a ton of good movies to choose from. So much so that we stayed up hours after we planned to, watching movies"
Desventajas: "Seats were a little crowded together, but that’s to be expected in modern passenger flight"
Ventajas: "Very friendly crew. Complimentary bottles of water. Comfortable blankets."
Ventajas: "- Seats are fairly comfy (as much as one can hope for an economy seat) - Excellent meals. I'm impressed that I'm getting things like ganache and cold-pressed juice in airline snacks!"
Desventajas: "- Wish the entertainment/movie selection was better, or that the foreign films had subtitles,"
Desventajas: "No sabia cuando compre el boleto que esta era una linea aerea de bajo costo. No hay servicio a bordo"
Ventajas: "Muy bueno el sistema de entretenimiento a bordo"
Desventajas: "No sabia que cobraban todas las bebidas"
Ventajas: "Great flight, friendly crew, good food, entertainment was ok"
Desventajas: "Cramped with no storage, ticket was stand-by took some time to convert to boarding pass and get seating to enter the plane as one of the last people,"
Ventajas: "Jal is the best airline"
Desventajas: "The movies and tv shows could be different for inbound and outbound flies, or at least change them more often"
Desventajas: "I took this flight to have a short layer over, only 40 minutes. This was a connecting flight departed from Newark and was a connecting flight for many people coming from Thailand. I almost missed this flight due to highly backed up passport control. If SAS was running so many international flights, they should have shifted the layer over, since many people were taking connecting flights for Oslo to Manchester. No food, there should have at least been a snack or at a minimum offered water."
Ventajas: "I loved that there were a lot of different movies, TV shows, games, music, and more to choose from- all for free! Then there was a dinner- not bad at all-, a snack later on, and breakfast too, all included. Headphones if you needed them ( lifesaver there as I had temporary misplaced mine), a blanket, and a pillow. The crew was really polite, and there was never more than one person in line for the bathroom."
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "Boarding was quick and efficient."
Desventajas: "Flight attendants were not friendly."
Ventajas: "Seat room good. Food very good. Flight attendants excellent."
Desventajas: "Nothing comes to mind at this time."
Ventajas: "Puntualidad"
Desventajas: "Un poco viejo el avión"
Desventajas: "They take blankets away too soon so u freeze. Three hour delay and they only give u a voucher to buy a cup of coffee"
Ventajas: "Flights on time"
Desventajas: "The flight to Sweden was very very bumpy. Lots of turbulence very scary"
Desventajas: "We paid over $75 for each piece of checked luggage. We could have saved 40% by pre-purchase but were not warned when purchasing our flights for almost the same price as the cost of the luggage."
Ventajas: "Good experience. Nothing extra-ordinary. Only complimentary tea, water and coffee."
Desventajas: "Flight arrived on time."
Desventajas: "Missed my flight due to weather east coast"
Ventajas: "Super"
Desventajas: "I have already answered this question. Enough."
Desventajas: "Check-in was slightly confusing to know where you had to go."
Desventajas: "I did not like my flight because ... I could not take it! I needed to change only one date (return) and was quoted $1300 for that one change. Getting a completely new ticket was cheaper, but not cheap. With such cost of even minor changes, next time I will look into booking directly with airlines, instead of Kayak; sorry to say that, as I really liked using your service."
Ventajas: "Best food on an airplane I have ever had. Great service from the cabin crew."
Desventajas: "Cabin extremely dated. Lie flat seats not flat. No built in entertainment but rather iPads handed out by cabin crew."
Ventajas: "Igual a todas las aerolíneas regulares"
Desventajas: "Que sea una aerolínea promedio, sin valor añadido"
Desventajas: "The plane was very old and not maintained well, dirty and not clean from the previous flights"
Ventajas: "People were nice"
Desventajas: "They charged me 60 pounds to check my bag after I checked my bag in online. When I got to the airport, they told me I had a bag on my connecting flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki but not on my flight to Copenhagen from LHR. At the airport I was charged 60 pounds for a small bag. Crazy! Completely unreasonable. Never flying SAS again if I can avoid it."
Desventajas: "I didn't not like the fact that I had to wait too long about 9hrs in Copenhagen. The intial transit time was about 3hrs but the flight schedule was changed resulting to about 9hrs wait at the airport. Thanks to the Service representative I was given 100 Denmark money for food. I was very tired and the 9hrs wait didn't help. Overall, the Service was good. Maybe this was a one off but I wish I knew. I was going to get some rest in a holtel."
Ventajas: "personnel is very courteous."
Desventajas: "cofee is terrible."
Ventajas: "The dinner was great!"
Desventajas: "The variety of movies was more limited than I expected."
Ventajas: "I upgraded for reasonable $$ and it was great - will do it again! Flight was in time, easy, friendly service and good flight"
Desventajas: "We were to fly from Bergen to Oslo, and then from Oslo to Stockholm. However, the flight from Bergen to Oslo kept getting delayed, so we were eventually put on a direct flight to Stockholm from Bergen. But for the 5 hour delay, we were given a food 'dinner' coupon that could have only bought a slice a pizza which we felt was extremely poor. Expected a better compensation for the long delay."
Ventajas: "I'm a super nervous flyer, and SAS did an awesome job with customer service, in flight service, the food was delicious and the drinks were great! I'll be sticking with SAS for future flights."
Desventajas: "Flight delayed because of "equipment change" bags lost.... No method to track(!!!!) total nightmare"
Ventajas: "Nothing , it was terrible flight ."
Desventajas: "I bought full price ticket, not STAND BY SAS DIDN'T LET CHECK IN MY FLIGHT FROM RIGA to SAN DIEGO. So I have problem everywhere . In Oslo I was waiting for my seat more than one hours. I very often was SAS, it was good, but never ever I will use this company again."
Desventajas: "Reindeer sandwich? Come on really?"
Desventajas: "Disorganization and unpreparedness."

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