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Mejor época para evitar las aglomeraciones con una media del 8% de bajada en el precio.
Época más popular para viajar con una media del 17% de aumento en el precio.
Vuelo de Dayton a Plattsburgh Intl
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Principal aerolínea que vuela de Ohio a Plattsburgh Intl

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
Allegiant AirValoración media basada en 1988 opiniones
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Retraso de 3 horas y no tuvieron la cortesía de dar bebidas o comida gratis para los pasajeros después de tenernos 3 horas en Las Vegas. Teniendo que arribar a Bellingham a las 2:20 am

Cheap flight, on time!

You canceled my vacation. Why are you sending this to me? It is tone deaf and counterproductive to your purpose.

Ventajas: "Amazing Crew! Fast flight!"
Desventajas: "Security"
Ventajas: "Flight staff nice"
Ventajas: "Boarding was a breeze"
Desventajas: "The seats were the most uncomfortable seats I've ever dealt with on a flight."
Ventajas: "Crew was very good and friendly."
Desventajas: "I would have appreciated a “free snack & cola”."
Ventajas: "Not much after sitting in the airport for two extra hours on both flights"
Desventajas: "They could have boarded flights on time or at least explained why the flight had been delayed."
Ventajas: "Cheap and direct no frills"
Ventajas: "Love Allegiant!"
Ventajas: "Flight attendants were very kind, attentive and caring. There was a special needs girl in the same row as me that was by herself and they were always making sure she was okay and comfortable as well as the rest of the plane."
Ventajas: "The price was excellent."
Desventajas: "The flight was delayed for two hours."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "Quick direct flight that wasn't packed"
Desventajas: "The woman that checked my bag kept calling me "sir" and after I corrected her a second time she rolled her eyes and said "oh, I don't even look up" I am not a man. For Pete's sake pay attention."
Desventajas: "No hot coffee on 7:40am flight. Not right."
Desventajas: "Very dissatisfied with boarding and told we had to pay for our luggage but noone else did .I had prepaid for 1 incase I brought big luggage but I brought carry ones. So I was charged 100..but everyone else's was larger"
Ventajas: "Crew was very pleasant and professional"
Desventajas: "on time flight. Accurate info on app. Correct seat assignments"
Ventajas: "That we landed safely in 20 mph winds."
Desventajas: "Stop stuffing too many people in an airplane, stop charging for every little thing, nothing nice or fun about flying in the US.It is just the fastest way to get to places..International airlines are much better and not cattle planes."
Ventajas: "Allegiant knows how to get people off and back on the plane ASAP. The last few flights I have taken we left early and arrived earlier than planned because of this. Crew was friendly. I like the fact the flights are direct and no layovers at airports."
Ventajas: "Crew was great"
Desventajas: "Earlier delay notification"
Ventajas: "The plane, the crew..."
Desventajas: "Seats wider"
Ventajas: "The price of the ticket"
Desventajas: "Maybe to add WiFi"
Desventajas: "Short flight"
Desventajas: "Delayed flight"
Desventajas: "Delays!!"
Ventajas: "Great airport for getting to Florida. Good prices"
Ventajas: "Friendly staff!!"
Desventajas: "Hour delay on flight"
Ventajas: "Nice having assigned seat. Boarding pass can be obtained through mobile app."
Desventajas: "Seats do not recline, so not real comfortable."
Ventajas: "Flight crew were very polite and we received free soda. Free booze however would have been more appropriate after spending my entire New Year’s Day in an airport."
Desventajas: "Reviewed 9 hours because a crew member didn’t show. Was originally told 6 hours delay only 20 minutes before the flight was due to leave. Received two $8 meal vouchers and rude and slow service from the entire ground crew."
Ventajas: "Kids board first and you dont have to worry about seating if u have a young child. Also, the nonstop flight was so relaxing."
Desventajas: "Not much..."
Ventajas: "Friendly staff"
Desventajas: "Last minute delay due to a plane malfunction. Was told very last minute. Seemed like there were no quick resolutions in play. Had to wait over three hours to fly out, doesnt that entail compensation by law?"
Ventajas: "Cost"
Desventajas: "Left late"
Desventajas: "Left/ arived 30" late"
Ventajas: "Fast and efficient!"
Desventajas: "Everything was great!"
Ventajas: "Great flight. On time. Easy on. Easy off. And amazing fares."
Desventajas: "Everything great"
Desventajas: "Flight cancelled on the way to the airport due to weather. Weather wasn't due to turn bad for 36 hours."
Ventajas: "2 hours and one flight. Done!"
Desventajas: "No entertainment"
Ventajas: "This flight was a return to airline travel in the 1980s in a good way! The plane was clean. The seats are among the most generous seats today. The best and brightest surprise was that each flight attendant was genuinely polite and welcoming."
Ventajas: "Good for Domestic travels"
Ventajas: "Overall good experience"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "We were supposed to have boarded for 5:00, flight was at 6pm. They were missing 1 crew member and could board the plane. She showed up, then they made a announcement that the Oakland flight will be delayed till 8:10 takeoff. I was able to get on a flight to Stockton Airport without problem. They wouldnt tell me what was wrong, and i didnt want to chance that it was the last dlight to Oakland and went with Stockton. The flight was good, you have to pay for your water."
Desventajas: "They would tell me the problem with the plane."
Ventajas: "The fare"
Desventajas: "Seats don't recline. There's NOTHING complimentary not even water"
Ventajas: "We eventually got to Las Vegas."
Desventajas: "Everything. Spend an it make and book with someone else."
Ventajas: "Smooth boarding"
Ventajas: "Flight attendant Lisa was great."
Ventajas: "The stewardess remembered us from the previous flight and was awesome to my son!"
Desventajas: "Kind of bumpy and a little late."
Desventajas: "Seats were made of stone."

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