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— California
16 Sep. — 23 Sep.1
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Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesValoración media basada en 4043 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "Great Premium Economy experience with comfortable seats and extremely-hospitable cabin crew!"
Desventajas: "Archaic In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans should be brought to modern-age plans."
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Ventajas: "Great Premium Economy experience with comfortable seats and extremely-hospitable cabin crew!"
Desventajas: "Archaic In-Flight Wi-Fi Plans should be brought to modern-age plans."
Ventajas: "The service was excellent"
Ventajas: "They passed by me when they served the meals because they thought I had it already which it was someone behind me who got his meal since he had a special meal request. So I ended up to talk to them that I haven’t had my meal yet. It was embarrassing moment for me. They seemed thinking that I lied to them."
Desventajas: "They are well trained crews so I have no better ideas about improvements"
Desventajas: "In flight food service by cabin crew was spotty, sometimes they gave you coffee with dinner , sometime not, they are very forgetful. Please improve on this issue."
Ventajas: "All crew members are very friendly and helpful, good service."
Desventajas: "All over flight i feel good time, i don't feel boring all friendly staff, good service choice of food i like."
Ventajas: "Yes and yes"
Desventajas: "Not sure because I have never had a better experience."
Desventajas: "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Ventajas: "Service was excellent!"
Desventajas: "Softer seats and more movies"
Desventajas: "We had to go through security after coming in from international and I went through a biometric scanner which I’ve done 100’s of Times I was very unnecessarily felt up for 10 minutes. I had shorts and a T-shirt on, and was pretty sure after the 1st round of groping that there was nothing there"
Ventajas: "The service is exceptional!"
Ventajas: "Cabin crew was excellent and the premium economy seat was very comfortable and accommodating. The choice of food from the variety menu was also delicious."
Ventajas: "Friendly Staff. Very nice Meet and Greet Comfortable travel. Meals were tasty."
Ventajas: "Singapore airline is amazing, great service and quality entertainment."
Desventajas: "None"
Ventajas: "The lunch and dinner menu was excellent"
Desventajas: "more bathrooms."
Ventajas: "everything good"
Desventajas: "need new toilet"
Desventajas: "the food was mediocre at best - had to ask for water couple of times"
Ventajas: "Boarding was good and the flight time was shorter than expected."
Desventajas: "My son did not like any of the meal selections between beef and fish. We asked for a ramen noodle cup instead that the flight crew denied they had, only after seeing them offer it to another family just seconds before. I was very disappointed!! I believe the flight attendant knew of my concerns because she started asking me if the service was ok. If your doing a good job, then you won’t have to ask."
Ventajas: "Me tiraron un vaso de gaseosa arriba y la actitud de todo el personal a bordo fue sobresaliente. Más allá del accidente me regalaron 75 usd para gastar en el catálogo a bordo."
Ventajas: "The crew were excellent"
Desventajas: "I'm 6'2" and the regular economy seats didn't give me enough to leg room"
Desventajas: "There was not much leg room in the seatings"
Ventajas: "The plane had decent leg room, the food was great, service was excellent. I have no complaints. Snacks were handed out pretty regularly which was great. In flight entertainment was good too. I'll definitely fly Singapore again, I liked it better than other Asian airlines."
Ventajas: "Christmas decorations, service, attitude of staff"
Ventajas: "The service, kind and pleasant."
Ventajas: "Las aerolíneas asiáticas que he probado son excelentes de todo a todo. Gran servicio y atención al cliente."
Ventajas: "ending meal was very late like an hour or less before landing"
Desventajas: "racial discrimination by the flight attendants thinking that I didn't know Japanese language even though I was white. I could see it happening."
Ventajas: "Comfy chairs and good food on Singapore Airlines."
Desventajas: "Some of the male crew didn't do anything, the females did all the interactive work in serving and helping the disabled as far as I could see."
Ventajas: "The crew was really great, so friendly and accommodating. I wasn't able to order a vegetarian meal ahead of time, but they still gave me one on board when I asked. There was an amazing selection of movies and they refilled my drinks without even asking. I would recommend this airline to anyone traveling to Asia."
Ventajas: "Not much turbulence"
Ventajas: "The friendliness of the staff, the food and overall the experience."
Desventajas: "That our bags weren't check in all the way to SEA"
Ventajas: "The food is good. The service is excellent, always smiling and attentive."
Desventajas: "Not enough quantity of each type of food. I did not get the cold noodle I want and end up eating sandwiches."
Ventajas: "The crew was very kind and helpful."
Desventajas: "My daughter had the vegetarian oriental - and it was basically a ball of slim. My son had the lactose free meal and it was broccoli and potatoes. We switched our return flight meals to the regular in-flight meal. It was better, but not great."
Ventajas: "The seat comes with foot rest attached to the front seat."
Desventajas: "I asked for decaf coffee and the attendant totally forgot about my request."
Ventajas: "The attendants were helpful, smiling and friendly. The entire time We flew with an 18 month old and they came looking for us before he flight to help us carry our stuff on board. They gave her a toy, asked for her name, and checked on us often. They also gave my husband and I an option for early food service so that one of us could help our daughter eat. The movie selection was great. Take off, flight and landing were smooth. And we arrive half an hour early both directions!"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "Excellent service by flight crew. Good selection for entertainment. Flight was enjoyable."
Ventajas: "Great service, great experience."
Desventajas: "I liked it all."
Desventajas: "On my trip to Japan, the staff was incredibly rude. Horrible commendations. The controls didn't work. And the desert had mold in it."
Ventajas: "Excelente y cálido servicio en el mostrador de facturación en Manila. Comida bastante aceptable para clase turista. Acceso gratis a sala vip en Changi, con oportunidad de tomar una ducha antes de embarcar en el vuelo largo a Barcelona. Las azafatas son adorables."
Desventajas: "La calidad del sonido del sistema de entretenimiento a bordo no es buena. Hay mal contacto entre las tomas del asiento y los auriculares."
Ventajas: "Attention to customer service and needs"
Desventajas: "Couldn't use my own headphones to watch movies"
Ventajas: "La cordialidad, el trato, el servicio, el avión, la limpieza. Un vuelo muy agradable y que recomendaría siempre."
Desventajas: "Que para ofrecer los servicios comerciales si hablaban español, para el resto de servicios no, aunque fueron muy atentos."
Ventajas: "Great food, friendly staff, on time... what else do you need?"
Ventajas: "Check in and boarding were flawless. The flight left about one hour late. The seats in coach are getting smaller and smaller. I got an aisle seat to have a little extra room (I'm 6'1") only to get hit big time by the food cart (they did apologize). The food was plentiful, but mediocre at best. The flight attendants were working hard, but we're abrupt and tired. Overall, I have three stars, when in the past, flying SA was always a five star experience. It got me back home though. :)"
Ventajas: "Great food!!"
Ventajas: "Great food and fantastic service"
Desventajas: "Needs more legroom"
Ventajas: "I like that I could check in 2 suitcase and able to choose my sitting when it's available."
Ventajas: "The movies"
Desventajas: "I had no space in my seat for 10 hours The internet I purchased was a scam that last for 15 mins It took forever to deplane The food was horrible"
Ventajas: "Wonderful service. Truly caring cabin crew that go out of their way to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Other airlines have a lot to learn from Singapore Airlines."
Ventajas: "The flight was an hour shorter than i expected. The staff was around and attentive. I felt like i won the lottery with flights"
Desventajas: "Not one complaint"
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly"
Desventajas: "Food"
Ventajas: "I loved the entertainment, the kind staff, and the extras they gave out to try to make us as comfortable as possible."
Desventajas: "My boyfriend is very tall, 6'6. On the flights to and from, even though he was on he aisle side seat, it was very difficult for him to have enough room for his legs, thus making my space that much less. In the future, I think we would benefit from booking either the seat behind us for him that had more leg room, or the seats in front of us that were the first seats of all rows."
Ventajas: "Because of my Platinum status with Delta the gate agent changed our seats to more legroom in exit row"
Desventajas: "We’re used to entertainment in seat like delta"
Desventajas: "Excellent service over all."
Ventajas: "Asientos comodos"
Desventajas: "Comida por debajo de lo que ofrecen otras aerolíneas del sudeste asiatico"
Desventajas: "They could improve on the entertainment and service."
Desventajas: "Cleanliness of plane interior can be improved."
Ventajas: "The crew was very nice."
Desventajas: "There were passengers clapping through the whole flight."
Desventajas: "Reservation online"
Desventajas: "Boarding was announced for gate 27, then 22 on th Board, then back to 27 so we ran around a bit."
Ventajas: "Business Class flight was a smooth ride from Vietnam to Thailand."
Desventajas: "N/A"
Ventajas: "This was a codeshare flight operated by China Airlines. I sat in 69A and had plenty of leg room. The entertainment options were excellent to include the flight map. The map is probably the best one I have come across. The cabin crew provided excellent service and were attentive."
Desventajas: "The boarding procedure was confusing. Economy was divided between Zones 1 and 2. However, the boarding pass was not clear which zone it was assigned."
Ventajas: "Great service"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "The flight was a half hour late departing but once we got in the air it was a quick flight. Beverages were served and then it was time to land. Deporting was quick and painless."
Desventajas: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours and then it was late another half hour for boarding."
Ventajas: "The system cancelled my ticket & need to buy a new ticket"
Desventajas: "Non action from airline & IRRESPONSIBLE replies from customer service"
Ventajas: "Flight was generally ok."
Desventajas: "No power or USB ports."
Ventajas: "No delay, boarding smooth, crew excellent, leg room ok, nothing bad..."
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Ventajas: "Loved the pod seating in business class. Very confirtable"
Ventajas: "Crew and airplane were great!"
Desventajas: "Food was not as good as I'd remembered on previous trips."
Ventajas: "The crew was nice"
Desventajas: "Nothing worked on the flight and the food was poor. When we arrived in a massive rain storm we had to disembark the plane with stairs so we all got wet."
Desventajas: "Extraordinarily uncomfortable seats"
Ventajas: "The food was the best i have had on an international flight: i have flown EVA, KAL, Cathy Pacific, and Asians. by far Vietnam Aur has the best."
Desventajas: "the lie flat bed was hard, no padding... uncomfortable."
Ventajas: "The crew were very welcoming."
Desventajas: "The flight from Ho Chi Min to Phu Quoc changed numerous times, even the day of."
Ventajas: "The whole flight"
Desventajas: "Nil by"
Ventajas: "Well worth the price"
Desventajas: "All good"
Ventajas: "Todo bien"
Desventajas: "Bien"
Ventajas: "Check in service was very good!"
Ventajas: "the legroom, the seat, the footrest, the armrests - 2 each! Very comfortable, slept well."
Desventajas: "Crying babies, but the Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones took care of that!"
Ventajas: "Great service"
Desventajas: "plane a little old"
Desventajas: "Being stuck in a middle seat and not being served enough water. Attendants not very friendly"
Ventajas: "Friendly staff, good enough seats. Cabin temperature was fine. Easy boarding and exiting."
Desventajas: "Bus gate when we arrived in HK. Was delayed but not their fault (typhoon in HK). Everything else was fine."
Desventajas: "delay flight from Phu quoc to Saigon from 12h to 18h (more than 6 hours ) . I must cancel that flight for safe and stay one more night and switch to the soonest flight next morning"
Ventajas: "Vietnan Ailrlines is the best and most reliable in-country operator. However, that isn't saying much. Overall, the company, its equipment, and employees are the most professional."
Ventajas: "Everything! The service, friendliness, food, movies, clean restroom, etc."
Ventajas: "Staff were excellent. Plane was nice and clean. I would not hesitate to fly with then again."
Desventajas: "Nothings"
Ventajas: "Flight cancelled"
Ventajas: "Easy to change flight. Lots of leg room. Friendly service."
Ventajas: "Vietnam Airlines super and on time all five flights"
Desventajas: "Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:15 pm. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat before boarding. Our boarding pass indicated that boarding would begin at 6:45. They called "final boarding" at 6:35, just as we were wrapping up. I believe we were the last to board at about 6:35 or 6:40. Once we were on board the plane pulled away and departed a full half-hour before schedule. The early departure was welcome, but unexpected and made us feel more rushed than necessary without prior notice."
Desventajas: "There was no luggage requirment on my flight plan. I thought that it was 32 kg since it was international flight. At the counter I wad told I am over 20 kg allowed on that flight since this fligh was code shared with Vietnam Airlines but operated by Cambodia Angkor Airlines. After manager intervention my suitcase was accepted. I would appreciate clear communication about allowed suitcade weight on code shared flights."
Desventajas: "The lack of support to help us to rearrange flight. No explanation"
Ventajas: "Very professional and very clean planes."
Ventajas: "Notifying customers of why flight was holding for over an hour in the air (due to heavy rain)."
Desventajas: "No food or drink offered during holding period..this more than doubled the flight time and was quite frustrating."
Desventajas: "Got stuck on the runway for a while"
Ventajas: "Food was tasty. Staff very courteous"
Ventajas: "Look for other options if possible."
Ventajas: "Baggage included in price."
Desventajas: "Flight was overpriced. Vietnam airlines has a monopoly on the route and charges very high rates."
Ventajas: "Reasonable price direct flight"
Desventajas: "Economy a little cramped but no worse than anyone else"
Ventajas: "Boarding by bus, exactly 30 minutes before departure. Take-off on the dot, and arrival about 10 minutes early. Perfect. Main cabin OK, clean. Extra cushions offered. The right amount of information was given throughout the flight. Crew friendly, not fussy. This is the way I like to travel."
Desventajas: "Entertainment, on this 2+ hours flight, is not offered, and not needed. The food is minimal, some bread stuffed with something nondescript, but edible. Choice of beverage too restricted: only a glass of Coca Cola from a large 2-litre bottle, or a glass of purified water, also from a large bottle."
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed by 3.5 hours. 2 hour delay was acknowledged on the board when I arrived at the airport, but there was no communication after that time came and went. Flight did not begin to board until over an hour after the supposed delayed departure time."
Ventajas: "The plane was clean and well taken care of. Good Service once your on the plane."
Desventajas: "Because we booked our flights through Vietnam Airlines a SKYTEAM Partner we were not ever able to even request a seat change. Not the end of the world but annoying after lots of flights."

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