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China SouthernValoración media basada en 5508 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "La comida"
Desventajas: "La comodidad"
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Ventajas: "La comida"
Desventajas: "La comodidad"
Ventajas: "La comida estaba muy rica"
Desventajas: "Los asientos son bastante incómodos, especialmente para un vuelo transatlántico"
Ventajas: "Amazing service"
Desventajas: "The comfort of the seats and size"
Desventajas: "Every thing perfect, I’m so happy with the service."
Ventajas: "Crew friendly."
Desventajas: "Seat super small."
Desventajas: "Food"
Ventajas: "El servicio muu bueno, al igual.que la.comidad y la variefad de peliculas"
Ventajas: "Todo"
Ventajas: "On time"
Desventajas: "No USB charging. No charging at all. No wifi. Not all flight attendants speak English. No meal choice. In flight magazine Chinese language only. Confiscated my solar charger. At Guangzhou airport, many food courts take only Chinese cash. Internet service censored."
Ventajas: "La atenccion"
Desventajas: "Más películas en espańol"
Ventajas: "I always sit in the upper deck of the A380. The 80 tourist class seats are much better than the configuration on other planes. The service is great and personalized. CS's food always amazes me with its quality."
Desventajas: "Like every other commercial airliner, the seats are not large enough and don't recline enough. It's not about the leg room, it's about the shoulder and hip room."
Ventajas: "The flight from Los Angeles to Guangzhou was good and food was fine."
Desventajas: "Food served on Guangzhou-Dhaka sector was not good."
Ventajas: "Chicken with noodles plate is great.."
Desventajas: "The communication is lacking.. we had a huge delay and were not told what was going on except weather issues.. twice this happened.. the second time the Chinese guy directing us at the airport was not giving everyone directions, only the Chinese nationals.. the rest of us he wouldn’t speak to.. Also not enough beverage services for a 14hr flight..2-3???"
Desventajas: "Did not get the special meal (Oriental vegetarian )that I had ordered. Also on my return flight as well,even after reconfirming it two day before my return flight."
Ventajas: "Business class seats were as good as any first rate airline. Cabin crew was excellent"
Desventajas: "Se retraso 50 minutos y perdi una cita importante en bangkok"
Ventajas: "good service"
Desventajas: "i got a window seat"
Desventajas: "Hard seats"
Ventajas: "Limpieza del avión y la buena atención del personal abordo. El espacio el clase turista es bueno."
Desventajas: "Abrieron los mostradores para check in sólo dos horas y media antes del vuelo lo que hizo que mucha gente que habíamos llegado desde 3hrs antes tuviéramos que esperar al menos 30 mins para ser atendidos. Obviamente la gente que llegó después tuvo que esperar aún más."
Ventajas: "Limpieza y buen servicio del personal de la aerolínea"
Desventajas: "Great airline. Was surprised at how much space the seats had and the movie selection was awesome. Didn’t have the food so can’t comment on that."
Ventajas: "Quick"
Desventajas: "Okay"
Desventajas: "Habian muchos latinos, y el centro de entretenimiento no tenia nada de español."
Desventajas: "no me gusto que no incluyeran el lenguaje de español para subtitulos en las peliculas por lo menos."
Desventajas: "I selected middle and window seats for each flight so my girlfriend could rest her head on the window and sleep. We were given middle seats and aisle on each of our flights. It’s fristrating that I paid extra to book the seats we wanted and we did not get them."
Desventajas: "2 hour delay caused issues with connecting flights and baggage didn’t make it with me to final destination. Seats were small and the window seat was so far from the window that you could not lean against it"
Ventajas: "Crew"
Desventajas: "Customer service sucks. The airline has no definite answer regarding our concerns."
Desventajas: "Food"
Ventajas: "Great crew service!"
Desventajas: "El mal trato de las azafatas"
Ventajas: "La comodidad del avión y la puntualidad"
Desventajas: "Las azafatas son un poco groseras."
Ventajas: "The crew was friendly and the entertainment was plentiful. I had a coach window seat and was able to sleep for a solid 7 hours or so without being uncomfortable."
Desventajas: "They ran out of wine and didn't have any snack option available (even for purchase) between the two meals that were served. The food was bad the portions were small for a 16 hour flight."
Desventajas: "There was a male flight attendant (I think there were 2 male flight attendants on the flight from LA to Guangzhou) and he looked really upset and angry all the time. He never smiled at customers and did not help customers with a customer servixe mindset. Other flight attendants were really nice and helpful!"
Desventajas: "Very bad flight..Mechanical problem missed connection..it took 3 days to reach to destinations. No service at all."
Ventajas: "Service food attendants wonderful"
Desventajas: "It was long"
Desventajas: "Delayed flight from LA & my baggages left in Guangzou! I need to go back again to manila airport to pick up the baggages."
Ventajas: "Overall I have 5 bc it wasn't airlines fault"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed 2 hours"
Ventajas: "The flight crew were extremely hard working and efficient."
Desventajas: "Plenty of time at point of connection yet bags didn't fly with me to final destination. Not very impressed with the A380"
Ventajas: "What I like it was the amazing customer service from one of the male flying attending"
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly and helpful at all times."
Desventajas: "On boarding the cabin was very hot, after everyone was seated and doors closed we were informed the Air conditioning was broken and we could not take off -over 90 minutes in extreme heat, no air circulation whatsoever. The crew did their best to give out water and keep people from passing out. Once in the air flight and air temp was ok."
Ventajas: "Super great customer service, friendly and accommodating."
Desventajas: "Hard seats...could be made more comfortable"
Ventajas: "The only good part was the boarding"
Desventajas: "One the headphone jack didnt work. The seats are very small. When people left the bathrooms the door woud not close all the way so we got to smell lovely stuff the whole flight unless we got up and closed the door ourself."
Ventajas: "The food was very good the staff very very dedicated & caring was really surprised to see such high standards of service to the customer on the airline.It dispelled all my doubts about chinese airlines service quality, Was one of the best flying experiences.It was the best leg of the entire journey"
Desventajas: "Was unable to do online checkin for the flight. Should get more online alerts about the exact terminals locations ,navigations etc about the check in counters for the customers doing the transit"
Ventajas: "I would say it was excellent, except for the food which is kind of not the great, but with the airfare rate, i could no longer complain. I would recommend it to my friends."
Desventajas: "This is the worst airline ever!!! The flight attendants are nothing but rude and poorly train on customers service. Gave everyone else (Chinese) snacks and blankets and skip me. Chinese are fake and rude."
Ventajas: "The plane was always on time and the crew was always ready to help. The food was also good."
Ventajas: "Fast check in Courtesy of staff Helpfulness of staff"
Desventajas: "Long walks through terminals ."
Ventajas: "Relatively comfortable for a 14 hour flight; even got some sleep."
Desventajas: "Slight delay at LAX, but this is probably the fault of LAX flight control."
Desventajas: "China Southern cancelled my original flight and made me wait two hours two re-book. It was utter chaos and no one said sorry, gave me the reason and they were very rude at the counter. They acted as if it was my fault (and everyone else who waited) and simply had terrible service. I do not know if I would ever use them again."
Desventajas: "They lost one of my bags with lots of very important stuff in it and despite the tracking code they have no idea where ti is and have conceded they will probably not find it and refuse to reimburse me for the extra fees I had to pay for it saying "the extra fee was not a guarantee you would receive your bag". Worst airline I have ever flowm"
Ventajas: "I love the vegan food that they provide me."
Ventajas: "Crew was nice"
Desventajas: "It was extremely loud the entire trip and after traveling for more than 24 hours beforehand, it was an extremely uncomfortable trip."
Desventajas: "The crew should speak better English. They polite and helpful but clear English is a plus value"
Ventajas: "Comfy seat"
Desventajas: "Less salt in the food"
Ventajas: "The crew was great, and seat was comfy compare to other European airlines seats"
Desventajas: "Less salt in the food would’ve been better"
Ventajas: "attentive and polite flight attendants"
Ventajas: "The Xiamen reps at the SGN airport was insensitive and arrogant. We were not able to board because of a misunderstanding on the China visa-free program. I still fully believe they are wrong. I had to book 2 new one way tickets with China Southern and wait all day at the airport."
Desventajas: "Helpful, courteous, and well-informed Xiamen representatives."
Ventajas: "I like the web that show me my travel schedules, I don’t need to look for email. But when I check in airport, they ask me flight confirmation number which I don’t know either that number doesn’t indicate. So I hope that you also include flight confirmation number too."
Ventajas: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, free beer and wine. Great ticket price!"
Desventajas: "The cabin crew did not really understand english. When I asked something, it was clear that they didn't understand. I had to claim my checked bag and recheck it at every flight segment. No ability to select seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departure."
Ventajas: "The check in boarding pass is not that nice."
Desventajas: "The boarding pass people need to improve, especially to elderly people."
Ventajas: "The plane was very new. Good movies and tv shows."
Desventajas: "The pineapple went bad...and it was just served. Also a tiny pastry, it had a flavor that the nuts had been sitting for a while."
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly"
Desventajas: "To many transfers"
Ventajas: "Very responsible and kind cabin crew. We were delayed by maybe 8-10 hours because of weather. The crew would have to work all night, but were very kind about the situation."
Desventajas: "Short flight; so there was no real in-flight entertainment. That's really alright though."
Ventajas: "Upgraded to business class for free and service was amazing."
Desventajas: "got severe food poisoning from the airline food."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "I was charge a terribly high exchange rate for this tickets! Not acceptable at all."
Ventajas: "Almost nothing, this was a terrible flight and experience! The movies were good, that's about it."
Desventajas: "No online check-in, long waiting at in-person check-in. Rude, inattentive personnel; worst is that every passenger in transit need to go through customs in Xiamen which is terribly complicated. No word about this upon booking or on Xiamen airline's website. Customs in China isn't a nice experience either. Nobody was able to find the right way for check-in, it was a mess. I will never fly again Xiamen Airlines and I recommend to everyone to avoid this airline under any circumstances."
Ventajas: "food and service"
Desventajas: "The seats don't even recline, so I could not lie back to rest. The entertainment system was very bad, didn't provide earphones and could barely see the screen. I would not choose to fly this airline again."
Ventajas: "The flight was fine"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Xiamen reps at KUL didn’t let me board because they said my middle name on boarding pass didn’t match with the name on Chinese transit visa. I got this Chinese transit visa just to transfer because of the airport layout and that part was also didn’t make sense. They didn’t accept my middle “Y” on the boarding pass and it was so much of hassle to argue and finally let me through. Will never fly again on Xiamen."
Ventajas: "787 Dreamliner layout is efficient, generous legroom and recline is better than American carriers. Crew works as team, fast and courteous. Very helpful and professional, Water offered frequently, trash pick up kept cabin neat, bathrooms always clean. Passenger announcements are clear and crisp is English and Chinese."
Desventajas: "Really, no complaints. More entertainment choices would be appreciated however is not my priority."
Desventajas: "We meet different problem in this flight. First, the boarding start late and we arrive late more than one hour. They could organize the entrance with range of number. The food was ok, but the beverage is poor, just half glass of wine or juice. no more. one small bottle should be normal fro lunch or dinner."
Ventajas: "Clean plane. Left on time. Better than average legroom."
Desventajas: "Movie selection was virtually all violent related. Nothing the airline can do about the numerous Security checks passing through this Airport."
Ventajas: "Clean plane. Left on time. A little more seat room than many other carriers."
Desventajas: "Poor selection of movies. Want more light comedy"
Ventajas: "Nothing. never boarded. Took the train instead."
Desventajas: "1 hour connection. I missed my flight because the flight out of LAX got delayed."
Desventajas: "wrong food?"
Ventajas: "Kept me well hydrated, supplied tissues that helped me bear a long flight while sick. Early arrival appreciated. Fresh fruit was good."
Desventajas: "Crew might have cleared away medications by mistake but they tried hard to find it, inquired all attendants and even looked through the trash. I missed the passing of of declaration forms twice while I was in the bathroom and when we landed the customs people directed me wrong so I had to wait a long time in line to get through customs without water which made me sicker and I had to go to the doctor."
Ventajas: "Complimentary wifi and excellent crew service"
Desventajas: "The econ seat is too low, when front seater tilted the seat backward, the screen is right in front of my face. Entertainment video screen doesn’t adjust; in other words, it cannot be adjust in angle, causing neck pain over time. Meals are average, definitely different from the quality compared to regional or domestic equivalent. Very sad, considering that Xiamen Air has a good reputation inside China. The restroom is also poorly stocked — no toilet roll constantly"
Ventajas: "Price and flight were great. Communicating was small problem. 5 am arrival nothing open so couldn't change money for food, taxi etc. Finally found an ATM that worked. People used their cell phones to try and communicate."
Desventajas: "Some obstacles with early morning arrival and communications"
Desventajas: "Nobody helped me switch my flight around, I hate you."
Ventajas: "crew provide excellent and attentive service. food is good"
Desventajas: "food could be better"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "They will cheat u of money. Somehow. Beware."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "I couldn't fly because they said there was NO TRANSIT lounge in the airport and I didn't have a VISA to enter China? Who ever heard of a visa for transit?! My destination was Singapore! I am told I have to get a transit visa in order to return home and for me and my son 350!! For 2 hours transit in an airport??? This is NOT a world class airlines, they make their own rules. I will buy another ticket!!"
Ventajas: "Nice and friendly. Chinese is always spoken first then followed by English. Pillow and blanket provided."
Desventajas: "Window seat on a 14 hour flight has its pros and cons. Little more room vs having to wake people up to get up and walk or go to bathroom."
Ventajas: "The food was good and staff was friendly"
Desventajas: "Uncomfortable"
Ventajas: "Crews, food. Also Transfer Lounge in Xiamen is a good place without charge."
Desventajas: "Boarding because we have to take bus at Xiamen airport.Also, security checks at Xiamen are very complicated."
Ventajas: "no regards for customers"
Desventajas: "no regards for customers"
Ventajas: "I really liked the space in Business and the priority boardings in Asia. Worth every penny. Food was great. A lil slow on serving alcohol though. Very relaxing trip."
Desventajas: "Not much. Liked I mentioned, slow on serving the alcohol. You have to push to get a drink."
Ventajas: "The offerings of beverages and the choices were good"
Desventajas: "Lack of communication by staff. Lack of entertainment on 14 hour flight. Was told not to use device while others were able to use."
Desventajas: "I missed the connecting flight and was rerouted on a Nov 2, 8:35am China Southern flight from Guangzhou to Manila"
Ventajas: "Crew and staff are professional and worked well together, fairly efficient"
Desventajas: "Upon landing, there was a problem with airport customs and immigration which prevented the passengers from leaving the plane. Crew needs to be more proactive with (1) passengers getting up too early and blocking the aisle out of turn. An elder woman was trying to get her bags and exit her row and passengers from behind were not letting her collect and exit. I stopped the rude people from the back who were getting off out of turn. Instructions need to be issued, let people get off the plane in orderly fashion. and (2) crew did not inform passengers what was happening with immigration and customs holdings things up until I hit the service button a few times. Tell the passengers what is going on rather than allow tempers to heat up"
Desventajas: "El vuelo se demoró y durante la demora no daban noticias de la nueva hora de salida. Tuvimos que esperar dentro del avión alrededor de una hora y media."
Ventajas: "Crew was excellent"
Desventajas: "Xiamen airlines are horrible I will never fly them again. Phillipines airline was excellent"
Ventajas: "In-flight service were adequate. Not much offer for alcoholic beverages. Staff not much English speaking."
Desventajas: "Xiamen is very bad for transit passenger. 3 immigration check points 3 security baggage checks Has to pick up boarding pass with long lines. Cannot reserve seat on line."
Desventajas: "The delay was extremely horrible causing us to miss our flight and then put us on a flight that was once again delayed for another 6 hours. The crew was still hesitant on disclosing the time we would be leaving"
Desventajas: "Was just a bit warm"
Ventajas: "Boarded early."
Desventajas: "Smaller plane so not much room to move around. No individual entertainment system."
Ventajas: "Todo"
Desventajas: "Nada"
Ventajas: "Todo."
Desventajas: "Nada"
Ventajas: "Nada confortable la gente encima de ti"
Desventajas: "La comida y el entretenimiento"
Ventajas: "Nada"
Desventajas: "Todo"
Desventajas: "WiFi and entertainment"
Ventajas: "The crew was adequate."
Desventajas: "The airplane was old and dirty."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Lost our bags twice and 19 hr flight became 31 hours to get to our destination. Now return flight is already delayed 1 1/2 hours"
Ventajas: "Seat was super comfortable and crew is great"
Ventajas: "Good crews!"
Desventajas: "I’m still at the airport. I haven’t gotten back to my final destination yet. The first flight got delayed and the second one left. Everything got messed up."
Desventajas: "Without any explanation, Air China delayed my flight from Beijing to Hong Kong for 3 hours and ground staff still had an bad attitude toward hundreds of passengers asking questions."
Ventajas: "Check in rápido, asientos cómodos, control de equipaje"
Desventajas: "Comida avión"
Ventajas: "Muy buenos los asientos de exit!!!!!!"
Ventajas: "crews are kind and help."
Desventajas: "entertainment system sucks, no internet"
Desventajas: "For this plane, the seat is very cramp - leg room has shrunk. Entertainment selection is poor, no new movies at all - like watching reruns."
Ventajas: "No me gustó nada al contrario no hablan ni el idioma inglés ni español"
Desventajas: "Me intoxique con la comida y vomite y estuve dentro del avión vomitando como 25 mnts y me fui a mi asiento y me sentí mareada de tanto vomitar y trajeron una doctora y me hizo preguntas de 3 meses si tuve algo oh alérgica a un medicamento y le dije que have 7 meses sólo había tenido un ataque al corazón que no tiene que ver con la intoxicación de la comida y dijeron que no pero no tenia nada solo el malestar u decidieron bajarme en otra Ciudad Alaska sin consultar primero y no me sentía grabe solo mareada de la fuerza del vomito y de ahí me mandaron para Ciaro luego los Ángeles y de ahí para China cantón y ahora me toca regresarme y no me dejan subir al avión si no traigo un certificado médico estoy en.China yo no conozco ningún hospital y no tengo médico de cabecera viajo al año 15 veces puedo mandar fotos de mi pasaporte y nunca me a pasado esto con la comida y menos de tirarme en otra ciudad ahora no puedo regresar a mi País de Recidemcia USA por que no quieren que suba entonces que hago aquí comprar otro ticket por que"
Ventajas: "La puntualidad y atención en la aerolínea es muy buena. Tienen variedad de películas y series. La comida es buena. Todos los asientos tienen una pequeña almohada y cobija para ir más cómodos."
Desventajas: "El espacio entres asientos para un viaje largo no es tan cómoda pero siempre existe la opción de comprar VIP"
Ventajas: "Todo en hora, y sin problemas"
Desventajas: "Como cosa no tan positiva, al llegar de mañana a aeropuerto siguen dando comida en lugar de un buen desayuno"
Desventajas: "I had a special meal preference as a vegetarian dish. First meal I got was, rice and steamed Napa cabbages without sauce ( little disappointed); second time, they forgot to serve me the vegetarian meal all together. I got chicken dish which I could not consume... I wish I had a crew who could speak English so that I could communicate about the situation, but I just let go of the issue. I am planning to go fasting on my returned ride."
Ventajas: "The food was really go and the flight attendants were really nice"
Desventajas: "Seats weren’t so comfortable so I will next time splurge on better seats"
Desventajas: "They didn't let me on the flight because they said I didn't check in on the flight to LA. And on the flight to LA I was there but they wouldn't let me on the plane. I wasn't being rude I was cooperating with them."
Desventajas: "Service was better than expected"
Ventajas: "Efficient and friendly staff"
Desventajas: "Seat backs barely recline - not acceptable for flight of this distance. For this reason will not book Air China again"
Ventajas: "It’s was ok"
Desventajas: "Food was not that great"
Desventajas: "When we landed in Beijing, no one mentioned about filling out entry forms. Very frustrating when the line to clear customs was over 1.5 hours long."
Desventajas: "Jain vegetarian food"
Ventajas: "Good service, comfortable seats"
Ventajas: "Experience during the flight was ok."
Desventajas: "Delayed flights, missed connections, lost luggage"
Ventajas: "Nice clean plane"
Desventajas: "Very bad food boiled vegetable and meat with no taste at all. Most entertainment movies, music and video in Chinese language."
Ventajas: "Absolutely no customer service whatsoever, not even a smile. Best thing about this flight was the food and trust me that’s not saying much."
Ventajas: "Better customer service"
Desventajas: "Air China staff need to better understand and learn how to talk to people."
Ventajas: "I have a walking disability Air China disrupted so many passengers to meet my needs and I was amazed at how friendly all the crew where and actually cared about me. Food was awesome"
Desventajas: "Never could figure out the Wi-Fi I thought we had on flight."
Desventajas: "Delay"
Ventajas: "Good amount of movies to choose from. Food was decent."
Desventajas: "The flight was uncomfortably warm. They give you blankets but they weren’t needed. Our luggage was never put on our 2nd flight."
Ventajas: "Cheap price, on time."
Desventajas: "Seats, food, entertainment"
Ventajas: "Entertainment and service was very good."
Desventajas: "3 hour delay and no information on updates/reason. Switched seats so people could sit together then small child behind me kicked my seat throughout most of the flight. It made for a terrible time and wasn’t stopped."
Ventajas: "safe flight, nice attendants"
Desventajas: "would like more room and better movies and better food for such a long flight"
Ventajas: "Excellent service.... clean aeroplane... good food and great staff..."
Desventajas: "Held my bag for two days, No explanation, apparently just wanted to rummage through it. Stranded in Mongolia with no clean clothes or medication."
Ventajas: "En general bueno, el avión llegó antes de lo previsto"
Ventajas: "El personal en el vuelo atento en los requerimientos"
Desventajas: "."
Ventajas: "En general el vuelo fue bueno"
Desventajas: "La estadía en el cuarto blanco en Vancouver pudiera ser más agradable y a lo mejor tener un poco de agua o café en lo que se espera"
Desventajas: "Cabin was really dirty, carpet coming apart and stain on the seats"
Ventajas: "Not a thing"
Desventajas: "How this company can be part of Star Alliance? Worst travel experience ever in all my life."
Ventajas: "Nobe"
Desventajas: "Service is very bad and lot of delay."
Ventajas: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desventajas: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Ventajas: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desventajas: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Ventajas: "Only boarding"
Desventajas: "No drunks like other flights"
Ventajas: "Short ride over to Phoenix, very nice trip"
Desventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "The 12 hour non stop flight from Los Angeles to Beijing was on 747-400 aircraft with no personal entertainment on the seat backs. they had a monitor that played chinese movies which was hard to see and it was a very boring flight. Kids were complaining 2 hours into the flight saying they were bored as nothing to do. Food was mediocre. I can't imagine an international flight with no personal entertainment screens."

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27h 10mLAX-TYN
1 escalaChina Southern
22h 25mLAX-TYN
1 escalaChina Southern
25h 45mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
43h 30mLAX-TYN
3 escalasVarias aerolíneas
38h 40mLAX-TYN
2 escalasAir China
28h 30mLAX-TYN
3 escalasVarias aerolíneas
30h 45mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
37h 58mONT-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
25h 20mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
30h 20mONT-TYN
1 escalaXiamenAir
22h 00mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
34h 25mLAX-TYN
2 escalasXiamenAir
28h 25mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
43h 40mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
25h 20mLAX-TYN
2 escalasVarias aerolíneas
26h 25mLAX-TYN

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Taiyuan (TYN)China

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Taiyuan - California

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