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17 may. — 24 may.1
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mar. 17/5
mar. 24/5

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Mejor época para evitar las aglomeraciones con una media del 39% de bajada en el precio.
Época más popular para viajar con una media del 40% de aumento en el precio.
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  • ¿Buscas un vuelo barato? Un 25 % de nuestros usuarios encontró vuelos de ida para esta ruta por $64 o menos, y vuelos de ida y vuelta por $64 o menos.
  • Se considera temporada alta durante agosto, septiembre y octubre. El mes más barato para volar es abril.
  • En promedio,* las salidas por la mañana son un 48% más caras que por la noche.
*Promedio de los precios más bajos de los resultados de búsquedas en KAYAK con salidas en los próximos 30 días

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Principal aerolínea que vuela de Charlotte-Douglas a Orlando Sanford Intl

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
Allegiant AirValoración media basada en 2118 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea

Cheap flight, on time!

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Cheap flight, on time!

Desventajas: "We had a 40-minute mechanical delay."
Desventajas: "Seats are uncomfortable"
Ventajas: "This crew was amazing"
Desventajas: "The seats are very hard."
Desventajas: "I tried to cancel this trip but was told I would have to pay more in order to receive a refund. Very disappointed customer as I have traveled with Allegiant many times and the one time I try to cancel my flight, I’m told I have to pay a fee which was more expensive than the actual price of the ticket. Waste of money."
Ventajas: "Not bad for the price, convenience beats all"
Desventajas: "First class"
Desventajas: "Pathetic rationale for delay"
Desventajas: "I booked two tickets at the same time through kayak and was assigned a seat not next to my son! Because the flight was fully booked there was no ability to rearrange seats."
Ventajas: "Nice crew. Friendly and responsive"
Desventajas: "Recliner chairs"
Ventajas: "Great crew"
Ventajas: "The crew were very friendly."
Desventajas: "the seats were pretty uncomfortable, that was my main problem with the flight."
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly, boarding process was easy, spacious aisles"
Desventajas: "The seats do not recline and are not very comfortable. Drinks and snacks are not complimentary"
Ventajas: "Nothing is good on this flight. It was delayed by 7 hours and the communication is not proper"
Desventajas: "Customer service"
Ventajas: "The crew was very nice and professional. Seats were as comfortable as they can be"
Desventajas: "I really didn't have any problems , very pleased with the airline"
Desventajas: "Very uncomfortable"
Desventajas: "Check in."
Ventajas: "Our plane was struck by lightning and therefore not able to fly, so we were deboarded and left to wait until a rescue flight could come in from Boston. Over the course of 4 hours, the crew kept us updated with every little change and were all very helpful! Once we were able to board the rescue plane, the crew handed out complimentary candy and drinks to help ease the wait times. Highly recommended!"
Ventajas: "The plane didnt crash :) Friendly attendants."
Desventajas: "NO WIFI. Flights are delayed often, what looked like a brand spanking new plane had the most uncomfortable seats ever, felt like sitting on wood in the exit row. You get what you pay for though."
Desventajas: "Long delays"
Ventajas: "One hop flight"
Desventajas: "cramped seating, no wi-fi or on flight entertainment, low class of traveler, noisy older model aircraft,"
Ventajas: "Going in & out of small airports."
Desventajas: "We arrived late. Pricing system."
Ventajas: "Flight attendants were nice."
Desventajas: "There was no one working at the counter when we arrived at the airport and there was already a sizable line. We waited about 10 minutes before anyone showed up to assist customers. Not sure what was up with that. Very uncomfortable seats and crowded seating on plane which is typical these days everything else went fine. Flight left and arrived on time."
Ventajas: "Yes"
Desventajas: "Paying extra for EVERYTHING"
Ventajas: "Great airport for getting to Florida. Good prices"
Ventajas: "Nothing."
Desventajas: "The flight was delayed by hours, with no explanation given. It was coming from Florida, with no bad weather in between. It caused us to arrive at 1 am."
Ventajas: "Non-stop flight at a reasonable price"
Desventajas: "Food choices are very limited"
Ventajas: "Timing was good"
Desventajas: "Not a glass of water was offered. Who wants alcohol in the morning?"
Ventajas: "We were delayed on takeoff, but pilot made up a lot of the time I. air"
Ventajas: "Crew was friendly, seats were very tight. Have to pay for water."
Ventajas: "Front seat leg room"
Desventajas: "No WIFI."
Ventajas: "Cost"
Desventajas: "Left late"
Ventajas: "Great price. Direct route. Friendly gate staff and flight crew. On time (actually early) departure and arrival."
Desventajas: "Flip side of departing early is they closed boarding over 30 minutes before scheduled departure (nearly missed flight)."
Ventajas: "the pilot"
Desventajas: "checking in , it seemed like no one knew what they were doing."
Ventajas: "No frills inexprnsive"
Desventajas: "No services"
Ventajas: "Cleanliness, friendliness, on time."
Desventajas: "Charging for drinks and snacks snacks.."
Ventajas: "The price for the flight and the direct flight make it worthwhile."
Desventajas: "Boarding process was completely chaotic; they had two lines, one for people with paper boarding passes and one for those with electronic passes, but they just let everyone line up all at once which was way too crazy. It needs to be better organized."
Ventajas: "Everything was good"
Desventajas: "Could of had more selections on the flight for snacks"
Ventajas: "Everything was great during the flight but..."
Desventajas: "We were delayed over 7 hours, with only a $50 dollar future airline credit and an $8 meal voucher. That's not nearly enough for that kind of headache. It was 2 am before we arrived at our hotel."
Ventajas: "the fare"
Desventajas: "the service - departure gates completely understaffed, no allegiant gate agent or staff in sight, only subcontractors and 2 that had to run 4 gates. Flight itself was fine."
Desventajas: "Even snacks and water are only available for a fee. Seats do not have much padding and are not comfortable."
Ventajas: "Crew was amazing & child friendly."
Desventajas: "They arrive to the airport over an hour early and went to the desk we're asking them to print my ticket they informed me that they cannot check me in at the desk I had to do it online I didn't have the ability to do that so therefore I miss my plane"
Ventajas: "The stewardess remembered us from the previous flight and was awesome to my son!"
Desventajas: "Kind of bumpy and a little late."
Ventajas: "Setas were good. Good price and good boarding system"
Desventajas: "Aircraft cabin was a bit dirty"
Ventajas: "The crew was exceptionally friendly and helpful."
Desventajas: "Seats don't recline."
Ventajas: "The price"
Desventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "Crew polite, clean plane"
Desventajas: "Late, delayed. Price deceptive, extra charge to reserve seat and carry-on bag."
Ventajas: "Nothing about it at all"
Desventajas: "I didn't like the turbalance on the plane I didn't like the service check in line Need more people helping in the airport"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Flight was canceled but they keep telling us that in an hour and that hour never came. We are stuck at the airport. We should get upgraded to 1st class"
Información sobre COVID-19

Medidas de seguridad para las aerolíneas que vuelan desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

Las aerolíneas que vuelan desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl han tomado medidas de seguridad adicionales y ajustado sus políticas para atender mejor a los viajeros. Las políticas varían según la aerolínea.

Aumento de las medidas de higiene

Limpieza diaria, instalación de filtros HEPA en cabina en vuelos desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

Mascarilla obligatoria

Mascarillas obligatorias y provistas en vuelos desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

Asientos que respetan las normas de distanciamiento social

Los asientos del medio no se pueden reservar en vuelos desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

Prueba antes del vuelo

Prueba de anticuerpos, prueba de síntomas en vuelos desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

Cancelaciones flexibles

Sin tasas por cambios. Busca vuelos flexibles desde Charlotte a Orlando Sanford Intl

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