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5 principales aerolíneas que vuelan de Sudeste Asiático a Surabaya Internacional Juanda

Valoración según las opiniones de los clientes de KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesValoración media basada en 3883 opiniones
Opiniones de la aerolínea
Ventajas: "Crew was excellent"
Desventajas: "Better seat cushions"
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Ventajas: "Crew was excellent"
Desventajas: "Better seat cushions"
Ventajas: "Crew could have been less rude"
Desventajas: "Entertainment and access to Wifi"
Ventajas: "Flat bed is wide and comfortable. Cabin crew was excellent."
Ventajas: "I like the crew members"
Desventajas: "Entertainment selection and food could be better"
Ventajas: "Great inflight entertainment"
Desventajas: "Have WiFi that is working"
Ventajas: "Great seating"
Desventajas: "Free internet in long flights"
Ventajas: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
Desventajas: "Memory foam seats"
Desventajas: "Raise the cabin temperature"
Desventajas: "On time would be better."
Ventajas: "Newer Aircraft and very convenient"
Desventajas: "I dont see any thing to improve"
Ventajas: "Super friendly crew. Enough food and drink."
Ventajas: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Desventajas: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Ventajas: "Amazing services and foods"
Desventajas: "The business class seat was great"
Ventajas: "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Desventajas: "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Desventajas: "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Desventajas: "Luggages did not arrive with the flight as it should be. It got lost in Sydney from Queenstown on flight SQ 6683 operated by Virgin Australia (VA 162)."
Desventajas: "Flight way too cold"
Ventajas: "Flight was very pleasant and enjoyable, on time for both departure and arrival."
Desventajas: "Meals were served rather slow as we were last for row 45 but there was insufficient time for us to finish the meal, collection of trays started in 5 minutes time"
Ventajas: "Although business was full, it was quiet. Cabin chief was very helpfull and professional."
Desventajas: "food choices are not bad. TV screens are super bad. Resoulition is almost from 90's era first flat screens! One stewardess had friends in business. a couple sitting one after another in window seats. She spent most of her time chatting with them, taking photos while we were trying to sleep."
Desventajas: "Softer seats and more movies"
Desventajas: "Satisfied service friendly staff overall satisfied."
Ventajas: "Overall good"
Desventajas: "Boarding needs better management."
Desventajas: "Singapore Airlines is so wildly overrated. The service is frequently poor, and the cabin environment dirty and old unless flying on their very latest planes. Even their A380s are now stale and musty. Not nice."
Ventajas: "Food was good"
Desventajas: "Boarding was just ok, but departure delayed by half hour. Seats were really poor. Zero comfort.. felt like sitting on a cramped park bench. Entertainment system is ancient. Can't see and can't listen properly. Didn't expect this type of horrible aircraft from Singapore Airlines!"
Ventajas: "Crew"
Desventajas: "Short and sweet. Flight left on time and landed about 15 mins early. Crew was wonderful"
Ventajas: "Nothing beats Singapore SQ!"
Ventajas: "Seating was spacious, crew was attentive. Boarding was efficient."
Desventajas: "The food choice was not pleasing to me."
Ventajas: "Staff are great and on board service was good. Boarding is always well organised from Changi however it was a full flight and as always half the passengers exceeded their carry on allowance. Rather than addressing this bags were flung everywhere no nowhere within your actual reach during the flight. Very annoying when you are a passenger who does the right thing."
Desventajas: "See above. No in flight entertainment makes you feel like you're flying with the low cost carrier rather than a full service airline."
Desventajas: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
Ventajas: "Me tiraron un vaso de gaseosa arriba y la actitud de todo el personal a bordo fue sobresaliente. Más allá del accidente me regalaron 75 usd para gastar en el catálogo a bordo."
Ventajas: "The crew were excellent"
Desventajas: "I'm 6'2" and the regular economy seats didn't give me enough to leg room"
Ventajas: "Flight is comfortable, food is nice. Most importantly, the flight was on time."
Desventajas: "The entertainment system requires additional setup, and need my own mobile device. My mobile device was low in battery while I'm on my flight, so I'm not able to view any movies during the flight."
Ventajas: "Seats, crew"
Desventajas: "Nothing else other than above"
Desventajas: "Stewardesses were a bit rude"
Ventajas: "The business class bed was the best I have yet encountered. The food and service were great. And the stews? Gorgeous and so agreeable. One young lady even helped me with my back injury; turns out she was studying physical therapy. You can't find a better ride than that,"
Ventajas: "Overall experience"
Desventajas: "Could have had a better selection of movies"
Ventajas: "Las aerolíneas asiáticas que he probado son excelentes de todo a todo. Gran servicio y atención al cliente."
Ventajas: "smooth service with refreshments"
Desventajas: "No working seat audio"
Ventajas: "everything is perfect"
Desventajas: "the food on Silk Air can be better"
Ventajas: "The on-board crew was polite and humble. Food served was delicious and the flight reached on time."
Desventajas: "The flight was quite old, was a bit surprised as the route seems very busy. Our seat 36J and K interestingly had no windows. First time flew on a flight with no window row."
Ventajas: "New movies! Yes!"
Desventajas: "I asked for one of the crew to help me bring up my carry-on luggage, as i'm just recovering from a flu at that time. Instead the FA looked at my bag and asked me in an irritated tone if my bag was really that heavy? I said I was recovering and I just need an extra push once I lift it up into the cabin. In the end she did help but i did not appreciate her attitude and felt disappointed my whole flight."
Desventajas: "Kids playing and out of control and the flight attendants wouldn't do anything."
Ventajas: "the flight time was quick , by the time you took off you practically were preparing for landing"
Desventajas: "nothing disappointing"
Ventajas: "Attendants are always nice, flight is always smooth."
Desventajas: "Nothing!"
Ventajas: "The sevice was on point. Flight attendants were beautiful and worked harder than any other airline I have been on. The uniforms were on point too. The television had every new movie you could watch. Food, for an airline, was great. All drink service was included. Best airline I have ever flown!"
Desventajas: "Wifi cost 12 bucks and hour."
Ventajas: "Excelente y cálido servicio en el mostrador de facturación en Manila. Comida bastante aceptable para clase turista. Acceso gratis a sala vip en Changi, con oportunidad de tomar una ducha antes de embarcar en el vuelo largo a Barcelona. Las azafatas son adorables."
Desventajas: "La calidad del sonido del sistema de entretenimiento a bordo no es buena. Hay mal contacto entre las tomas del asiento y los auriculares."
Ventajas: "La cordialidad, el trato, el servicio, el avión, la limpieza. Un vuelo muy agradable y que recomendaría siempre."
Desventajas: "Que para ofrecer los servicios comerciales si hablaban español, para el resto de servicios no, aunque fueron muy atentos."
Ventajas: "Service is amazing! I loved that airplane had Christmas decorations on the walls and great choices of food and beverages."
Ventajas: "Leg room in economy is good, even for tall people. Food was actually quite good."
Desventajas: "Two of our family's seats would not recline, although they were not near an exit row."
Ventajas: "Crew is professional"
Desventajas: "The interior in the air craft need seriously to be refreshed."
Desventajas: "Nona"
Ventajas: "Crew was good on flight and food was delicious."
Desventajas: "Weather delays but worst was that crew staff couldn’t notify us of times. Caused me to miss work today and had 2 major delays to and from"
Ventajas: "Seating was comfortable."
Desventajas: "Different selection of food."
Desventajas: "New Aircraft with more seating space"
Ventajas: "Crew always polite"
Desventajas: "Meals"
Ventajas: "The cabin crew was great!"
Ventajas: "Flight was not full. Had open seats around me so it was comfortable."
Desventajas: "Food. Red eye flight served a very low quality snack upon takeoff. Breakfast before landing was a little better."
Ventajas: "Avion comodo, espacio razonable entre asientos, excelente atencion de la tripulacion, buena calidad de comidas y bebidas. Entretencion razonable"
Desventajas: "Tener peliculas en idioma español o subtituladas en español"
Ventajas: "Void Jancok"
Desventajas: "Void Jancok"
Ventajas: "Excellent cabin service"
Desventajas: "All seats need to be renewed urgently"
Ventajas: "Nothing 2 hours late Had to watch commercials on the seat tv screen."
Desventajas: "I will make it a point to avoid Garuda Really has gone down hill. I think it is overpriced for the bad service and 2 hours late. Better to pay half the price and take another airline."
Ventajas: "Amazing in business class"
Ventajas: "Everything! The employees are curteous. The entire flight is inclusive. You are able to pick your seats without any extra expense."
Desventajas: "There is nothing not to like."
Ventajas: "Fast boarding"
Desventajas: "Food is low quality. Nothing special."
Desventajas: "Cabin temperature was very cold"
Ventajas: "Todo correcto, normal. Sin grandes lujos."
Desventajas: "Poco espacio."
Ventajas: "Service."
Ventajas: "Probably the best food I’ve had on a business class flight."
Desventajas: "Entertainment just OK. Garuda lounge in Bali dire"
Ventajas: "Garuda is the best"
Desventajas: "I like all"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Indian family running around and flight attendants screaming at them to sit down. Horrible experience"
Ventajas: "Overall great service and good experience. Very attentive crew and goid food."
Desventajas: "Although the business class cabin has been quite new, the seats are made for very short people and my headrest sat at my shoulders (I am 5’4”). This made the 5 hour flight very uncomfortable."
Ventajas: "On time, entertainment on the board, good quality service."
Ventajas: "Staff greeting"
Desventajas: "Food, narrow seat, entertainment selection"
Desventajas: "Garuda couldn't check my bags all the way to LA. Had to go through customs twice! What a pain!"
Ventajas: "Non stop"
Desventajas: "Delay by 2 plus hours!"
Ventajas: "Absolutely nothing - your Arline’s cancelled our flight and could got us out in 1 instead of 3 days late. You even tried charge a change fee or $ 800 more for business class Tix to depart earlier!"
Desventajas: "see message above"
Desventajas: "Waited for over an hour for the last bags to be loaded to the baggage carousel at LAX, only to find out that a CZ employee standing two feet away from me had a sheet of paper with the owner names of four pieces of luggage known to be "stuck" in China. Bah humbug!"
Ventajas: "Amazing food. Really great crew. Highly recommend trying them"
Desventajas: "Very limited entertainment. Beds are 100% flat but still they're very comfortable."
Ventajas: "Good service, clean plane, friendly staff"
Desventajas: "Very small amount of food, no refill on drinks!"
Ventajas: "Fiod, flight experience, boarding. The flight staff was very good and helpful, as was the ground crew"
Ventajas: "Personal atentisimo, gentil y silencioso, como buenos japoneses/indonesios. Comida A1, avión nuevo y muy bien flat bed."
Ventajas: "I loved that I got upgraded to Business. It made an exhausting journey home more relaxing. And the crew were lovely, kind, and helpful!"
Ventajas: "Good food, modern plane, professional staff. Punctual"
Desventajas: "N/A"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed by more than one hour."
Ventajas: "In flight entertainment provided a lot of options. Good leg space in between seats"
Desventajas: "I didn't enjoy the meal mich"
Ventajas: "They sprayed air disinfectant on everyone as required. They had a sky priority lane. Extra space seats had a lot of room."
Desventajas: "Food was not great. What bothered me the most were the number of people they allowed on board who were incredibly sick. There were a couple of people next to me who should not have been allowed on the flight (including stomach sick from the start of the flight). Very very disturbing."
Ventajas: "Poor selection an d or updated often enough!"
Ventajas: "We were warmly greeted and quickly checked in ...very efficient. The plane even left a bit early...don't be late!"
Ventajas: "Food, flight, service, entertainment, free checked bag"
Desventajas: "Nothing!!!"
Ventajas: "Very friendly staff, professional. On-time and efficient."
Desventajas: "They sprayed insecticide in the plane with little or no warning prior to our arrival in Hong Kong, and I had a bad reaction to it (dizzy for the next several hours). I would recommend providing masks for passengers who desire them and plenty of prior notice to put those masks on."
Ventajas: "Crew service and punctuality of takeoff/arrival"
Desventajas: "Leg room too small"
Ventajas: "Airline crew on all segments were professional and friendly. Meals were plentiful and tasty. Thanks for getting us there and back safely."
Desventajas: "Meals was iffy"
Ventajas: "Lacking internet connection, current movies but I slept which is positive because it wasnt a packed flight"
Ventajas: "Great service and food"
Ventajas: "Cabin was in good size, crew was friendly and professional, in flight entertainment was top notch."
Desventajas: "Boarding was late. When we got to Soekarno Hatta, it took a while before they could open the door of the plane and let everyone out because they were waiting for some equipment (the stairs i'm guessing). Then they put us in a bus which took a loooong time to get to the right terminal. I was sick at that time so this was very inconvenient."
Ventajas: "The ground staff, the inflight staff were great with outstanding service and care for passengers."
Desventajas: "There is nothing I find not liking."
Ventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "Lovely staff, easy flight."
Desventajas: "Nil- good flight."
Ventajas: "Crew was very friendly"
Desventajas: "Food choice and more comfortable seats"
Ventajas: "food and seat are good."
Ventajas: "They ran things efficiently and staff was cordial and helpful if asked."
Desventajas: "I didn't realize I was assigned middle seats for.both legs of my long 20 hour trip. It would have been nice if the person checking me in would have considered assigning me a different seat on at least one of the legs. It was fine just not amazing."
Ventajas: "Vegan meal was okay. Check in swift and good. Too crowded. Seats too tight."
Desventajas: "Hard to ask for more spacious seating but I will."
Ventajas: "El servicio del personal"
Desventajas: "La calidad de los 747, viejos y en bastante mal estado"
Ventajas: "Friendly crew. Good entertainment options."
Ventajas: "Entertainment selection"
Desventajas: "Food and drink selections were ok only. They ran out of one option for dinner."
Desventajas: "It would be better if the chair a little bit bigger! But overall you still have the best service so far! Thank you very much!"
Ventajas: "Friendly airline staff. Ease of obtaining boarding pass at the counter. Clean, modern aircraft. Thanks China Airlines!"
Desventajas: "As with all airlines, the "the hurry up and wait" processes associated with getting onto the plane are tiring."
Ventajas: "Nice clean plane. Pleasant crew."
Desventajas: "Could have a better"
Ventajas: "Meals were tasty and drinks were great. Service was wonderful. Great entertaining selections."
Desventajas: "Nothing, really."
Ventajas: "Professional good food toilet clean"
Desventajas: "Professional good food toilet clean"
Desventajas: "Food was not as good as I would expect from China Air and they ran out of eggs for breakfast."
Desventajas: "They told me that when i get back to manila that’s the time they will deal with my luggage problem"
Ventajas: "Everything was on time."
Desventajas: "Seatbelt was too short"
Ventajas: "Boarding was fast and efficient"
Desventajas: "Food was terrible"
Ventajas: "Best long flight I've ever been on. Yummy food, leg room (I'm 5f10in), great entertainment, left on time, fast boarding and fast unboarding."
Ventajas: "The food they served was very good."
Desventajas: "I tried to book anew flight by of an emergency at home. Instead I had to fly delta home. Lost a lot of money."
Ventajas: "Food and transfer is great."
Desventajas: "Flight delays."
Ventajas: "We liked the service provided by the crew. The pilot was excellent, as we arrived safely."
Desventajas: "I wish the aircraft's seats were a bit wider. (I'm not getting bigger, but space seems to be at a premium.)"
Ventajas: "Premium economy is nice, smoother flight, good attendants"
Desventajas: "Delays"
Ventajas: "The crew is always very helpful and polite go out of your way to make you comfortable I have a slight disability that they accommodate when possible"
Desventajas: "Who was a good trip there was nothing I did not like everything that I expected the food could have been a little bit better but it wasn't bad"
Ventajas: "It’s takes s long time checking in due to long lines."
Desventajas: "Sits are too small and wish better choices for the food they serve."
Ventajas: "They let me sleep."
Desventajas: "I liked everything."
Desventajas: "No entertainment during the flight."
Ventajas: "Extremely well organized...very inpressive.From the check-in desk to the boarding crew."
Ventajas: "I like entertainment on the china airlines flight,"
Ventajas: "Attendants were polite and helpful"
Ventajas: "Flight arrived early"
Ventajas: "Fly China airlines you won't be sorry"
Ventajas: "Service, crew and food were exceptional"
Desventajas: "Nothing to complain about"
Ventajas: "The SIN / TPE flight had a nice, new A350"
Desventajas: "Bathrooms on the SIN/TPE flight were really dirty. The leg rest is too protruded even when not deployed."
Ventajas: "Staff were extremely efficient. Food service was too."
Desventajas: "Second meal was not up to par with the first meal. Movie selection needs improvement; only found one of many to watch."
Ventajas: "Good service and facilities"
Ventajas: "Vuelo en hora, comfortable"
Ventajas: "Staff and crew were nice and courteous to passengers."
Desventajas: "Digital Screen are too small. Video quality is not good."
Ventajas: "Seat was comfortable and nice"
Desventajas: "They make me pay an extra fee of $150 for coming 1 hours before departure time."
Ventajas: "The crew was excellent. Ding Ding was very friendly and welcoming. This was my first flight with China Airlines, but it certainly won't be my last! An excellent experience!"
Desventajas: "Las películas están en chino e inglés. Algunos en francés, Italiano o Alemán. Con la cantidad de castellano parlantes que hay en el mundo no entiendo que no haya películas en castellano."
Ventajas: "Upon check in, my request for an emergency exit row was granted. Chilly, but worth it!"
Desventajas: "They ran out of chicken meals, and I did not prefer the fish option."
Desventajas: "I have a problem with VAYAMA. I canceled the flight, but nowone is comunicating with me and I have no confirmation nor money back... Totaly unsatisfied..."
Desventajas: "Very very slow exit at SFO"
Desventajas: "delayed flight"
Ventajas: "stewardess"
Desventajas: "food"
Desventajas: "They make you stay in China overnight EVERY flight layover......even by saying the weather is bad......others on my cancelled flight told me they'd waited 2 days for a flight but keep being sent back to a hotel"
Desventajas: "they lost my oversized baggage both ways - arrived a day later both times ."
Ventajas: "Boarding process very efficient Slightly more leg room"
Desventajas: "Seat slightly narrower, slightly more uncomfortable Nice soft blankets Cabin too warm"
Ventajas: "Friendly and helpful crew."
Desventajas: "The flight from SGN to Taipei left and arrived late."

I asked for more food as i was too hungry or I probably missed MAS onboard food. Both flight-attendants fulfilled my request by giving me both menus - the Nasi Lemak & the chicken noodles. Both tasted very nice. Thanks Mas. I think asked for skyjuice 5x & tomato juice twice

Ventajas: "Nothing."
Desventajas: "Please serve food hot. And tell sir hostess to smile. And worst flight. They I Only served one meal for 8 hour flight"
Ventajas: "Amazing crews"
Desventajas: "Nice seats"
Desventajas: "All four flights with Malaysia Airlines were delayed, no reasons and no information. Appalling."
Desventajas: "They should giving out headphones for business class to use the entertainment system"
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed by two hours"
Ventajas: "Our luggage missed the connection but the situation was well handled"
Desventajas: "Entertainment"
Desventajas: "The plane was old but the flight was inexpensive"
Ventajas: "we had extra legroom travelling with an infant"
Desventajas: "the staff could have been a little considerate when serving food to you while you're holding a sleeping baby"
Ventajas: "Boarding was easy even though it started late, it was organized. Once I got on the plane I wasn't waiting a long time to get to my seat because they seated the people sitting in the back of the plane first. There is a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and music."
Desventajas: "They have 2 food options and they're just ok. There wasn't very many drink options either."
Ventajas: "The MAS stewardess was really nice & helpful"
Desventajas: "Everything was perfect"
Ventajas: "Malayasia airlines made me sad since they left my luggage in KL on my trip to Shanghai today. The agent in Shanghai was really bad to handle situation. He doesnt care at all. No one from Malaysia Airlines showed off to explain the situation. Me and my wife dont have any clothes to change. Very bad"
Desventajas: "Malaysia airlines need to Change the behavior of the staffs in shanghai especially the agent or the station manager of MAS"
Ventajas: "The people at the check-in desk."
Desventajas: "A light snack and drinks would have been good. Even just water."
Ventajas: "Tripulación muy bien"
Desventajas: "El sabor de la comida no estuvo muy bueno"
Ventajas: "Price were amongst the cheapest"
Desventajas: "Terrible cabin cleaness and rude crew members. Nothing matches the Malaysian hospitality promoted."
Desventajas: "The pre boarding security was a mess and poorly managed in Kuala Lumpur."
Ventajas: "Friendly crews"
Desventajas: "Seat allocation was not proper for maximum comfort as flight wasn’t full"
Ventajas: "On-time departure and on-time arrival."
Desventajas: "Perfect flight"
Desventajas: "Fight was delayed"
Desventajas: "All good, short flight"
Desventajas: "Tight seating made it less comfortable than normal, and mechanical issues caused some delays."
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Staff still very grumpy.. food is bad but much than flight leaving from Malaysia."
Ventajas: "Can’t find anything good."
Desventajas: "The airline is protected by the government. Hence there is no motivation for them to improve. This airline is my last choice. My biggest dissatisfaction is the hospitality shown by the crew.. not sincere and in some cases rude... is this the MH - MALAYSIAN Hospitality that they keep advertising? Very disappointing.."
Ventajas: "Peanut."
Desventajas: "Concentrated orange juice? Seriously? Dated flight, seats, interior."
Ventajas: "Service and integtity"
Desventajas: "None"
Ventajas: "On time takeoff, landed early....everything was smooth"
Ventajas: "Nice crew and comfy seat."
Desventajas: "Table tray was dirty and there was old coffee spilled along the side."
Desventajas: "Entertainment system was old and food was so-so"
Desventajas: "I was having 10hrs of layover in Malaysia, the airline neither facilitates with any transit lounge, room, and lunch. I am very disappointed."
Ventajas: "Movie story"
Desventajas: "Foods"
Desventajas: "Both outbound and inbound flights were delayed for hours. Terrible."
Desventajas: "When they served satay they didn't ask which I prefer beef satay or chicken one even they asked it to other passengers. After finishing the dinner they took forever to clear a napkin so I couldn't find dinner was finished or not. It was midnight so I wanted to sleep as soon as dinner was finished. When boarding they do security check. It's OK. But why don't they use business class gate even there was the one?"
Ventajas: "Easy to get my boarding pass at the Changi airport. Seating was nice. Not many passengers in this flight."
Desventajas: "The magazine in my seat pocket was dirty."
Desventajas: "Flight was delayed almost one hour. Food can be improved. Screen was broken."
Ventajas: "It was a very good flight ."
Ventajas: "Left and arrived on time. From just the flight point of view, it was correct but traveling now is more than leaving from A in order to arrive to B"
Desventajas: "I could not select that we wanted a vegetarian menu on the website of this company. The KUL airport is not very big, not many things to do there, very few restaurants. The issue is that if you fly with this company you arrive at KUL. Steward was kind but rough - efficient like a robot... and the headphones are very poor, I could hardly understand what was said when watching the films."
Ventajas: "Flight was on time, good value airline"
Desventajas: "Kayak did not book through airline, would prefer to use known site before paying $$$"
Ventajas: "Service in the plane"
Desventajas: "Service at the airport."
Desventajas: "Sorry to say the flight is always late. From Osaka to KL I had to wait 4 hours to connect to the next flight to Jakarta. Than on the way back from Jakarta to KL the flight was late again I just nearly made it for my connnecting flight to Osaka. Overall it was ok but something must be done for delayed flights."
Ventajas: "We missed our flight connection in KL due entirely to our fault. M-Air staff helped us get onto the next flight. Economy was full so we paid for an upgrade to business class but we were seated in first class. Wonderful crew, service, cabin and flight."
Ventajas: "The ice cream is a pleasant surprise."
Desventajas: "prepacked juice. Could be more option."
Ventajas: "The crew is friendly"
Desventajas: "Check in counter not enough resulting in very very long queue and check in time"
Ventajas: "- On Time - Nice to include buns or bread for breakfast - Staffs should be more gracious and engaging."
Desventajas: "- Landing was rough and sudden - Hot drinks only served at the end of meal. It should be served together with meal. - Row 17 was last to be served. Rather hungry especially on transit flight from Singapore - No transit lounge and refreshments"
Ventajas: "On Time"
Desventajas: "No newspapers"
Desventajas: "Had a transit flight through KL from Colombo to Bali. The luggage was not with me and my friend along with about 7-10 others post arrival in Bali. We received the luggage after losing almost one day eating into our holiday. Minor compensation was given but the inconvenience was far more! This is not the KL to colombo flight but thought i will write it in here as I got this through Kayak"
Desventajas: "The first meal that was given was poor. a single roll for the fist of two meals offered on an 8 hour flight, is the poorest meal i have had on a flight of this duration."
Ventajas: "Direct Flight"
Desventajas: "Food was absolutely disgusting. The mash potato and chicken was completely melt into liquid. The air con continually leaking throughout the journey."
Ventajas: "Bangkok Airways era quien operaba el vuelo y es la mejor línea aérea de Asia. Increíble servicio, comida, personal, limpieza, ama lidiad, servicio gratis en el lounge. 10 puntos."
Desventajas: "Salir con retraso pero entiendo que fue por el mal tiempo"
Ventajas: "Increíble servicio, puntualidad y amabilidad. 10 puntos!"
Desventajas: "We don't recive the e-tkt only the reservition"

The crew was very attentive, friendly and efficient.

Hubo un retraso inexplicable de tres horas.

Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "No delays"
Desventajas: "Flight delayed."
Desventajas: "Everything"
Ventajas: "The leg room"
Desventajas: "Boarding process"
Ventajas: "Enjoyed buying extended leg room"
Desventajas: "Water should be a standard on a 4 hour flight"
Ventajas: "Scoot in silence"
Ventajas: "Flight was short"
Desventajas: "Seats are very tight if you are over 5’6"
Ventajas: "Yes"
Desventajas: "All ok"
Ventajas: "It was very good value for money."
Ventajas: "Amazig Airplane"
Desventajas: "Flight with Scoot are not very well organized. for as large a fleet and number of flight locally should be better. no onboard entertainment nor refreshments. Staff not very personable either."
Ventajas: "Nothing. We had to sit on the runway for an 1 hour 40 mins. Staff didn’t even give away water, you had to purchase it... outrageous"
Ventajas: "we were on time and landed ahead of schedule."
Desventajas: "nowhere to store our cabin luggage"
Desventajas: "Allow us to upgrade class"
Ventajas: "Quick boarding"
Desventajas: "Overpriced drinks and snacks"
Ventajas: "Head rest not comfortable. Short distance okay not long one."
Desventajas: "Plane is old i think. Take off and landing time plane some shaky and sound not pleasant."
Ventajas: "Extremely rude."
Desventajas: "I got sick on the flight from some food poisoning and the crew acted put out when I asked for some water."
Desventajas: "You can choose your seat but when you pay you can choose a seat and I don’t like this"
Ventajas: "There is nothing to say this is a no frills airline and that is what you get. Departure was on time and arrival was also on time. Food on any airline isn’t good at least on airline i fly. The important thing is getting there safely and this airline company does that."
Ventajas: "It was a good flight"
Desventajas: "The long delay......"
Desventajas: "Unfair policy of no outside food, treating its customers in a captive state; cabin is dirty with little cleaning work done. Won't fly if it were not cheap."
Ventajas: "Overall it was a good flight."
Desventajas: "No offer to book my seat assignment during the booking process. A kiosk check-in would be a nice addition."
Ventajas: "great check in staff fast boarding comfortable temperature in cabin very good crew"
Desventajas: "n/a"
Desventajas: "The flight was delayed for over 30 mins."
Ventajas: "Nice aircraft, on time departure and arrival"
Desventajas: "reclining seats only in business class, not lay flat. pay for everything except the bathroom"
Ventajas: "Nothing"
Desventajas: "Flight crew’s attitude. The fact that there was no overhead space and the crew didn’t Check additional bags. Had to stove the bags u def the seat and there was no room to stretch my legs. The flight crew had the most pathetic attitude and was rude beyond imagination."
Desventajas: "We were given just one very small water about 150ml and told we have to pay if we need more water. Restriction on providing drinking water in Business class seems unfair. Please reconsider"
Ventajas: "Personal amable"
Desventajas: "Te dan 1 comida y 1 bebida el resto hay que pagarlo. Se paga el internet y no tienen televisores."
Ventajas: "Affordable biz class"
Desventajas: "Really poor food and flight was delayed 2 hours both ways"
Ventajas: "check in - fast via machine. boarding - organized. crew helped out with baggage. flight - took off on time after short taxi and landed early"
Desventajas: "equipment could use refurbishment"
Ventajas: "Boarding"
Desventajas: "Confort"
Ventajas: "Flight to Manila from Singapore was an easy 3 hour flight. There were no delays and the aircraft was clean."
Ventajas: "The cost was cheap"
Desventajas: "There wasn't much room for someone who is 6'4''"
Ventajas: "Nothing to like"
Desventajas: "How can the the airline serve such terrible food that smells of processed plastic!!! It is served burning hot and unedivle."
Ventajas: "Puntual"
Desventajas: "Que cobren todo aparte pero es lowcost."
Ventajas: "Crew was cordial, helpful and patient."
Desventajas: "There was absolutely no complimentary service at all, a bit unusual compared to flights we've taken in the past (domestic and international). No offer of free water, what's up with that?!?! There was no entertainment on board for an overnight flight, no blanket, no pillow."
Desventajas: "They lied about baggage costs My flight on scoot from blr to Singapore was 2 hrs delayed and no reason"
Desventajas: "I could not get on time at airport for check in, because the train got stuck 25min. When I got the counter 45min. Before the flight leaves, they told me that the flight is closed and they can not do anything to help me!!!"
Ventajas: "QUIET ZONE"
Desventajas: "I get the seat selection pre-check in is a premium service. Bu to not allow someone to express preference (based on what's left) when they check in is downright snarky. The explanation that I got that "we need to balance the plane" is whitewash. It's clearly to push peopel to buying the premium service. But when you do that at the price of alienating people, you've done them and yourself a disservice. Time to rethink!"
Desventajas: "I had lost my luggage from Singapore to Maldives’s airport"
Ventajas: "N/A"
Desventajas: "The seat and tray table is greasy and dirty and there are two cracked holes in the arm rest!"
Ventajas: "Easy and cheap"
Ventajas: "On time"
Ventajas: "On time. Service on board simple. Crews are friendly"
Ventajas: "The flight was cheap and the plane itself (B787) is a new plane and the lower pressurised altitude is very nice."
Desventajas: "I didn't like being told off by one of the flght attendants for eating my own food on the flight. If Scoot's food was more reasonably priced I would buy it, but it is overpriced and therefore I need to bring my own. The seats are uncomfortable for sleeping in. The cabin temperature was a bit cold and with no blanket supplied this made it hard to sleep. Even though you are flying between two tropical destinations, I would recommend bringing a jumper."
Ventajas: "Scoot upgraded to a bigger plane, and as a result had more empty seats"
Desventajas: "flight was delayed by almost 2 hours due to operational problems. despite that, there were still passengers who were late to board, causing more delays. no apologies from Scoot. plans were derailed."

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directoLion Air
0h 55mDPS-SUB
directoLion Air
0h 55mSUB-DPS
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mSUB-CGK
directoVarias aerolíneas
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoVarias aerolíneas
1h 30mSUB-CGK
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mSUB-CGK
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mSUB-CGK
1h 30mCGK-SUB
1h 30mSUB-CGK
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mSUB-CGK
2h 25mSIN-SUB
2h 15mSUB-SIN
directoGaruda Indonesia
1h 10mDPS-SUB
directoGaruda Indonesia
1h 00mSUB-DPS
directoIndonesia AirAsia
2h 45mKUL-SUB
directoIndonesia AirAsia
2h 30mSUB-KUL
2h 30mSIN-SUB
2h 15mSUB-SIN
1 escalaScoot
12h 45mKUL-SUB
1 escalaScoot
22h 10mSUB-KUL
1 escalaScoot
22h 40mKUL-SUB
1 escalaScoot
23h 40mSUB-KUL
1 escalaVarias aerolíneas
6h 30mDPS-SUB
directoVarias aerolíneas
0h 55mSUB-DPS
directoVarias aerolíneas
2h 25mSIN-SUB
directoVarias aerolíneas
2h 35mSUB-SIN
directoSuper Air Jet
1h 30mCGK-SUB
1 escalaSuper Air Jet
5h 05mSUB-CGK
1 escalaSuper Air Jet
3h 50mCGK-SUB
directoSuper Air Jet
1h 30mSUB-CGK
directoJetstar Asia
2h 25mSIN-SUB
directoJetstar Asia
2h 35mSUB-SIN
1 escalaMalaysia Airlines
12h 50mSIN-SUB
1 escalaMalaysia Airlines
5h 35mSUB-SIN
directoSingapore Airlines
2h 15mSIN-SUB
directoSingapore Airlines
2h 20mSUB-SIN

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1 escalaScoot
22h 40mKUL-SUB
1 escalaScoot
14h 15mKUL-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoIndonesia AirAsia
2h 45mKUL-SUB
directoGaruda Indonesia
1h 10mDPS-SUB
1 escalaScoot
23h 10mKUL-SUB
1 escalaScoot
23h 10mKUL-SUB
1 escalaScoot
14h 15mKUL-SUB
directoJetstar Asia
2h 25mSIN-SUB
directoLion Air
2h 40mKUL-SUB
1 escalaLion Air
3h 50mCGK-SUB
directoLion Air
1h 30mCGK-SUB
directoSuper Air Jet
1h 30mCGK-SUB
1 escalaVarias aerolíneas
5h 55mCGK-SUB
1 escalaVarias aerolíneas
8h 30mCGK-SUB
1 escalaIndonesia AirAsia
13h 15mCGK-SUB
directoJetstar Asia
2h 35mSIN-SUB
directoGaruda Indonesia
1h 20mCGK-SUB
1 escalaMalaysia Airlines
12h 50mSIN-SUB
directoSingapore Airlines
2h 30mSIN-SUB

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